• G'day Joe Joe, Thank you for your question. Running on a treadmills would be safer but would not have the same challenges as training on the roads. Regards
  • It has comparison. Running on a running machine is boring and doesn;t properly re-create the ups and downs of a good challenging course,or the elements and weather to impede or assist you. It may be unpleasant on cold winters mornings but i;d rather be outside in the air, seeing wildlife than running on the spot watching a tv screen.
  • Hmmm I do both. While not freezing my butt off outside does have it's advantages of me not getting sick as often, I prefer to run outside. It's hard to get the benefits of obstacles on a flat treadmill. But then I run on sand as often as I can because my knees don't like high impact exercises anymore.
  • Treadmill running has the major advantage that you can do it in warm conditions no matter what it is like outside. On the downside, if you are using it to train for running races, your technique is slightly different, with less emphasis placed on your gluts (backside muscles) and therefore you are not running as specifically as possible. Even worse (!) treadmills are often placed in front of mirrors so you have to watch yourself run!
  • I feel that running on the roads is better than a treadmill because a treadmill has a set speed so you cant really control it. Running on the road is all you, and takes your mind and effort to do so. It also teaches you how to pace out races and what not.Because when your racing you will not be on the treadmill.
  • It's easier to cheat on the treadmill and my knees don't hurt as much but I like being outdoors and it's not as boring.
  • 7-27-2017 I tried to run once. Back in 2001.
  • Unless it is a sleet day, I prefer to run outdoors.
  • Buy a home treadmill placed at home, every day before work or on Saturday and Sunday, exercise and a half hours, do not go out, easy exercise, very convenient comfortable choice.

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