• Have you tried looking on Google for any information or reviews?
  • i took them 2 years ago, almost died, my pcp sent it to the lab, they contain sibutramine!!!! be careful, they also made my life hard emotionally, i had an anxiety, stress etc. please think well before you do it!!!!
  • if they are the lida daidaihuajiaonang then i have been talking them for the past month ive lost 16lbs so far feel great all i have noticed is that i am thirsty alot more
  • Lida is absolutelly GOOD for your health. If you want to live in total obesity and think this is healthy - wrong answer. No one diet pill or herbal supplement can't be taking for a life-time. Lida is good for you, just because you can lose weight in 2-3 month and that's it. Did everybody try diets? I bet. Is it feel so great? No. You are hungry, desperated, stressed out and you are thinking about food every second. Finally you'll just give up and gain every pound you lost right back. Is it good for your health? No. I lost 40 pounds with Lida and believe it or not, I'm healthy like a hourse. And believe it or not - I feel great - no fat hanging around my jeans, slim sexy body, good heart beat, shiny skin. Obesity is bad for your health, Lida Daidaihu brings us back to LIFE.
  • I have been on lida about 6weeks and lost 16ibs and i feel great. The only side affect I noticed was thirst for water, cus i dont even crave any other drink. I eat much healthier and smaller portions, and have so much more energy. I have had to go buy some jeans cus the ones I had became way to baggy. All this leads to a feeling of confidence which in turn leads to happiness. As for your question, I am under strict supervision from my family doctor due to a thyroid condition and arrythmia and I have never been healthier.
  • I started taking Lida pills a month ago exactly , start weight was 125 and have lost 15 pds!! I am now to my ideal weight! A few of my co-workers also started taking the pills as well and we have lost weight!!The best part about it , is that with our busy schedules we did not excercise and yet the weight came off!!! Only slight affect that we all noticed was: mild headaches & extreme thirst. I am now wearing my size3/4 and I feel great.
  • I have been taking SlimForte It is based on original Chinese Formula Lida DaiDaihua for just over two months and lose 36 Lbs. no side effects at all. I like this product. Thanks!!! ----- Lisa Ston
  • i have just starting taking the slimforte pills for two days and have lost 4 lbs. already. i feel great, no side effects, just lots of energy and sometimes drymouth. it works wonders. i've used the lida pills before too, and loved it! i was able to get in a two-piece bikini for the first time. i'm taking these pills again because i want to lose weight after having my baby. it really works!
  • Pills isn't always the best idea for health but if you search for weight loss just follow good fast diet program i offer you this program about my personal experince :

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