• How can you leave a massage through voice mail? If possible, why dont u send me some. Its been a hard day and I'm really worn out.
  • You might try twice. But on different days then if you get no answer..assume she is not interested.
  • Forget it. If she's interested she'll call you back.
  • This question can be a tough one. How many times to call a girl before giving up is a rough situation. If you check out my blog at I have a very informative and valuable blog post on the issue. Feel free to email me for other dating matters! Chicago Tim
  • Do yourself a favor and don't worry about it, she'll call when she's ready, if not, forget about her and don't keep calling her, it'll give her the wrong idea about you and she'll just think you've turned psycho stalker!! Good luck, I hope she calls xx

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