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  • start with one and end with 3 and go until she moans
  • Here's instructions on how to finger a girl:
  • make sure your finger is wet or lubricated. dryness is a big no no. work slow at first and explore. a female is mostly stimulated through her clitoris which will begin to become erect if your pleasing her. I found that by licking her erect clitoris while sliding your fingers in and out is by far the best pleasure you can give her. The main thing to remember is take your time there is no rush and stay until she tells you to stop.
  • make sure she is "asian monsoon" wet, i am a female and my first time, i got friction burn, if you hit a dry spot, stop! lube is good but get water based or i think its platinum. water based washes out with water and is very safe, it lasts for about 20 min. platinum lasts longer but has to have soap to come out of the sheets. oil based (things you find around the house ie. lotion) dont come out of the sheets and may hurt her because of the chemicals in it.
  • Make sure she is wet first, then slowly but gently go in. Mix it about, slow and fast, shallow and deep, rub the clitoris but not too much as this can hurt some people. Tell her to tell you how it feels and act on that.
  • Being fingered is the absolute last step! You need to start first by caressing her, try her neck (mine is incredibly sensitive). While kissing her, caress every part of her-TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!!!! If she is into it, she will open her legs a little bit. Once this happens, rub her labia (the outer part) with a little pressure, but not too much, THEN work your way to her clitoris-the little thing just above the actual canal, rub that up and down, THEN S L O W L Y insert your finger. I hope that helps
  • First you start by caressing her (kiss her and touch all over her body.) SHe should be wet by this time if not then caress her more. The clitoris is her 'G-Spot' so this is a very good place for hers a it gives the most please. Start by gently rubbing it and then if you want to you can lick it, while doing this enter your finger into her vagina and do what you would do as if it was your penis so enter in and out. You can explore the vagina and change the speed of what your doing it at. If your good she may even have an orgasm. Hope this helps you xxx
  • with a large finger and well manicured fingernail
  • If only I knew.

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