• 2-19-2017 Yes. You often find them in fairs and carnivals because they refuse to learn to read and only work for cash, no checks.
  • Yes, I've seen a few. They claimed to be psychic. That means they're frauds.
  • Gypsy is considered a racial slur by many. But by every definition of the term, the answer would be yes.
  • I suppose there are Gypsies in the US. They call themselves Rom. In the Gypsian language Rom means the people. Despite being thought of being from Romania they originated in India. My dad played in a Gypsy trio when he was in his late teens. It consisted of two guitarists and a drummer. He is not Gypsy but his father was from Romania. So I suppose that was good eniough for the Gypsy member musicians.
  • Yes, there are some. The ones I have seen were fortune tellers.
  • When I was a kid in the 60s, a couple of guys knocked on my grandparents' door. They offered to 'seal' the blacktop on the driveway. Grandfather chased them off, calling them "damn gypsies". At the time, gypsy crews were using inferior 'waste oil' coatings that washed off after the first rain storm.
  • probably
  • Yes, I have heard friends and lovers mention them. I have met none myself though.
  • Yes, I've seen two have signs out not far from where I live. They advertise themselves as fortune tellers or something like that. I've seen others in travelling around the USA.

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