• 6 millions 4 hundred forty-six thousand. Give or take a thousand.
  • 665 Million. The estimate of the worlds population is over 6,650,000,000 and several scientific studies have shown that the percentage of gay people are approximately 10%. The Indiana University Kinsey Reports stated 10% of males being more or less exclusively homosexual and 2% to 6% of females being more or less exclusively homosexual. A 1990 study (Homosexuality/Heterosexuality by McWhirter, Sanders, and Reinisch) stated 13.95% of males and 4.25% of females had "extensive" or "more than incidental" homosexual experience. A 1993 study (The Janus Report on Sexual Behavior) found 9% of men and 5% of women were involved in frequent or ongoing homosexual experiences.
  • Probably about 1%.
  • About 10-20% are said to be gay so figure from what 6 billion people.
  • To Many!
  • If I was to make an educated guess I would say that in the developed countries 1 in 15 people are gay and about a quarter of them are in the closet so about 1 in 18 to 1 in 19 are gay and out. This varies considerably in different areas. In some cities it can be as high as 1 in 5 who are openly gay because of an influx of homosexuals moving to these places and the fact that noone will repress it in such areas. It is very hard to say because there are different levels of coming out too. You can not tell anyone and live a totally hereosexual or asexual lifestyle, you can live like this but also discretly engage with homosexual activities, you can be out to your family but not your friends, you can be out to family and friends, you can be out to everyone if they ask but not make a big issue of it, or you can be overtly gay and dress and act homosexual. I would say about 1 in 5 of the remainder are bisexual to some degree and about 7/10 bisexuals will be in the closet.
  • 8-10% so 600 million or so
  • Including you ??
  • 99% come on out

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