• no art form is pointless
  • Some people seem to think that way. I think it is a great way to let out your emotions.
  • i dont think so most poems are written to evoke some sort of emotion from the reader and its very good therepy for the writer i write when im sad or happy i find myself thinking up poems in my head when im snuggled up with my guy just a way to put feelings into words
  • I find some poetry very beautiful, certainly not pointless.
  • Logically, a poem is just words ... but emotionally, a poem is an inspiring stimulation ... so, depending on how well you have balanced your human mix of logic and emotion, the "point" may be dull or it may be sharp, but it is there none the less ... so NO, poetry is NOT pointless.
  • It is beautiful......
  • It's not pointless, because it is the highest use of language. Language is humanity's highest achievement.
  • Poetry is like liquor where mere prose is bloating beer. One can get metaphorically drunk easier off the condensed verse as opposed to verbose prosaic ramblings.
  • Some poems are silly. Some are epic. But all poetry make us think outside our normal box. The mind doesn't normally think in rhyme, or iambic pentameter, or haiku. They take us someplace different, a little vacation for the psyche. So no, poetry is not pointless.
  • No. How else am i going to get my anger out let alone stress.
  • I never believed I'd support the view, Till I became a poet, who knew! As a method of expression it is second to none, In getting the smart girls blouses undone, My girlfriend swoons and often sighs, as I mutter my prose, from between her thighs So has poetry got a well deserved place? Yes, especially when ejaculating over her face, So to all you budding Casanovas I say, Poetry beats Roofies for sex ANY DAY! ...and the quickest way into her panties I find, Is not through her heart, but rather her Mind,
  • It's not pointless if it inspires someone to do something or makes someone feel something. A person might get inspired from reading poetry and do something that they would otherwise not do and then it certainly isn't pointless. Then it has affected the world in some way so it can't be pointless.
  • No it certainly is not it can be a romantic Spiritual and political record of the times we live in. Take the War poets, Lake poets, Or Dylan on his own on political and social change.
  • The form of poetry serves a lot of purposes. There are things you just can't say as clearly or as pointedly in prose as you can in poetry. The use of rhyme scheme, repitition and the exact choice of words gives every word more weight. The juxtaposing of one word against another can often jar the reader into seeing the subject in a new light. For romance, loss, and sorrow, poetry can convey a depth and poignancy with a few words that may not be possible in prose even with many words. For humor, poetry has a lyrical and lighthearted quality that prose cannot match. An outrageous story told as a poem may be much funnier than it would be in prose because of the cleverness of the rhyme and, again, the repetition, which readers tend to enjoy. As an example, here is one of my humorous poems followed by a couple of serious ones: THE HOMEMADE HALLOWEEN COSTUME AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART APOCOLYPTIEN I hope you enjoy them! :) Suzanne
  • "Spontaneous flow of thoughts and emotions recollected in tranquility". It's certainly not pointless but,it requires the right person to figure out a point in it.
  • Nope... Without rhyming poetry, music would be all instrumental, and, while good, just would not be able to convey what the lyricist does with the lyrics. Poetry can "boil down" a book into a few lines, while keeping all emotion. Poetry does NOT HAVE to rhyme, and the fewer words and constructs involved express a LOT of information, passion, compassion, desire, hope, description, etc. Nope... Poetry isn't pointless
  • its a form of art, a way of expressing your feelings! you could say that any form of art is pointless. any form of art is about doing something that opens you up and lets your emotions out! take a painting for instance, what is the point of creating a painting? it is to express what you see when you look at something. its like all the different art techniqes, different artists saw different things when they looked at something, like take picasso, for some reason he saw the world as a jumbled up mess, and then in squares, (cubism) get it? oh well that's what i think! lol =)
  • Poetry can be wonderful and inspiring.
  • Only if it is bad poetry.
  • Absolutely NOT!!!
  • No, poetry is not pointless. The reason why people ignores most poetry is because poetry ignores most people.
  • Yes (said the poet), in that it has no *practical* purpose. Art is aptly called "beautiful waste" for that reason.

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