• As a Taurus female, I have had Sagittarian friends and family, but I have to work at establishing and maintaining relationships with them. Once we get past the fog, it seems to work fine, but it has never been much more than mutual respect. It could be that my moon is in Aries, but I have noticed that Aries people get along well with Sagittarians. Anyway, I personally do not know of any Taurus/Sagittarius Love relationships, but if you both want a relationship badly enough, you can always make it work.
  • I know three couples where the female is sagitarius and the male is a taurus and they have all been successful relationships..Other than that I am not well informed enough to give a reliable answer. I believe they are a good match.
  • Your sign is probably the least important thing when it comes to compatibility, since it is just pseudoscience BS. There's nothing to it. Just my opinion- good luck.

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