• I generally call them "he" or "she" or by their name, honestly, when discussing it with other people, dependong on what the new gender is. I don't like referring to anyone as a "tranny" or whatever because it DOES sound derogatory, to me, and disrespectful. To answer your question, no. I do not ever see it as socially acceptable.
  • Never knew one, that I know of. Or maybe I met one and didn't know it. Anyway, I am sure I simply reacted to them as a man or woman. (?)
  • I have known many trans people. I always have reffered to them by their preferred gender..he or she. i would never refer to them as "tranny"
  • no, I would not consider (nor do most transgendered persons) that to be socially acceptable. I only hear the term "tranny" coming from bigots. It would be proper to address them by their gender....or, better yet, their name.
  • No. I would refer to them as he or she. Tranny I find is more offensive.
  • Several years ago, when I worked supporting a call center for Mental and Behavioral Health issues, we always referred to a person by their desired gender. There were selected questions we could ask which would discreetly determine whether Chris wanted to be referred to as a he or she. All reports, etc, used gender rather than sex, since we were'nt really concerned with their biological aspects, only the mental ones. The hot line dealt with all kinds of issues, from mild depression because of the death of a pet to suicide prevention, temptation or abuse of alcohol or drugs, etc.
  • no. It doesn't sound acceptable to me. I really don't know any personally --but I would never refer to them as a tranny...It comes close to the 'N' word or 'faggot'.
  • Apache and weatherman are both right on the money. If you are a considerate, respectful person then you refer to 'desired' gender. The term 'tranny' is certainly derogatory.
  • A tranny is a part that hooks an engine to a drive line/differential. A transgender person, regardless of how anyone FEELS about them (right or wrong) is still a person... He or she, works for me... (That rhyme was a bonus for you.)
  • I would not ever use the term tranny, for I find that to be quite offensive and rude. I have no right to judge others who choose to live the way they do. I know that I don't accept it. I still love them like everyone else around me, for we all should, even though we don't have to accept their choice of live style. God loves all of us unconditionally, why can't we?
  • I'm a transgender person and I refer to myself as a tranny sometimes, but I don't refer to other transgender persons as trannies. I'm not offended if someone refers to me as a tranny. As for referring to transgender people as trannies, it depends in what context the word is used. I have several non-trans friends who refer to them as trannies but I know they don't mean it in an offensive way. I've also known bigots who refer to anyone who is trans as a tranny in a derogatory way.
  • I refer to them as a he or she. To me, Tranny sounds derogatory.
  • I'm not sure... I've never personally known a transexual, or at least I never knew if someone I've known was/is transexual or not. I'm guilty of referring to them as "trannys". I didn't realize that term would be offensive. Afterall... it is just a shortened version of transexuals, just like "homo" is short for homosexual and "hetero" is short for heterosexual. I'm not offended if somebody calls me a hetero. Why would any of the other terms be offensive? If I had to go by the other answers to this question though... I suppose it isn't acceptable.
  • If I absolutely HAD to make reference to their transgendered state, I would say "my friend who is transgendered" and from then on I'd use their chosen name and pronouns. Why belabor the point? But like I said, that's only if bringing up their trans-ness was absolutely necessary and/or relevant. Usually when I talk about my transgendered friends I just use their names and appropriate pronouns, because if I'm telling people a funny story about what Kelly said yesterday, what business is it of theirs that Kelly's birth name was Kevin? {Kelly/Kevin is not a real person as far as I know- I just pulled two names that start with "k" out of the air. I don't actually go around telling people what I know about my friends' past lives without explicit permission.}
  • My wife (same sex marriage)and I call our transexual friends transformers... they laugh at it.
  • I think that as long as the word Tranny is said within the LGBT community it is OK. I still feel the word would hurt the person in question.
  • any slang is disrespectful
  • Coming from a random uneducated person that wouldn't be acceptable. Though we say it within the trans community sometimes just to be funny.
  • i know many people that would be offended by that
  • It's always derogatory and never socially acceptable. Some transgendered people embrace the term but it's a very tiny minority and most are very offended by it.

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