• My roommate!! By getting mad at me for asking her to help around the place... So instead of asking her I just clean up her mess... But I'm not going to anymore... I'm only going to clean my areas and not hers... And hopefully she will clean up her areas!!
  • My officemates. We have the same workload and yet, I'm the one who has the lowest pay =(
  • my best friend is an alcoholic with narcissistic personality disorder. I love him and understand that his sense of entitlement isn't all his fault, but he wears me out.
  • I don't know that anyone is. I think a couple of people have a tendency to take me for granted, but they usually catch themselves at it and make it all better ;o)
  • My friend, she's a slob, and isn't taking enough time to look for a job, which I helped her out for a little while by giving her gas money and money for dinner, but i've stopped, and i think now she feels i owe it to her still...but i know i don't.
  • The US government. And the ways are to numerous to list.
  • My younger brother and sister. I am the oldest and the most financially responsible and they constantly want to borrow money. I've been told I'm too much of a push over but it's hard to tell them no. Our dad died 4 years ago and our mom died last year. I was supposed to get the small amount of life insurance that was left after paying for the funeral but THEY decided it should be split 3 ways - even though i was the one that paid all of my mom's pharmacy bills and bought her groceries when she was very sick. They both owe me money. My brother keeps promising he's going to pay me some and then doesn't. My sister doesn't even pretend she's ever planning to pay me back. Then she calls and asks for $100 here or $50 there. Well, today, I told her no, I couldn't loan her $100 just so she would have some pocket money for a road trip with her boyfriend. So why do I feel so bad about saying no to her? Keep in mind, I'm a smart, confident, single mom of 2 teenagers and I support my household no help from their father - other than very low child support. I would never allow my children or my co-workers to take advantage of me this way - why do I have a soft spot for them? And why do they have so little regard for me? It's so upsetting.
  • Everyone. All my mates are ditching me these days. I hardly have any friends now. Girls will only flirt with me and look at me for eye-candy, but if I actually started flirting with them in a more forward way, suddenly the flirting stops and no-one wants anything to do with me. 'Tis a bit annoying.
  • The government. It keeps wanting to take my money and give it to people who have more than I do. Where is the fairness in that, I ask you!
  • Ah, this boy. I used to like him, and he knows it. And he's used it to his advantage. I don't think he knows just how much I did, though. I still do a little bit, against my better judgement because he's an idiot. And it's never worked. But that's a long and confusing story. Anyway, he seems to think that he can be all over me, and just expect that I'm okay with that. I dunno.

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