• Well, if you mean how many movies at the cinema or movie theater does the average American see per year than we Americans are well ahead of most of the world. According to Nationmaster the United States had 1,421,000,000 trips to the cinema in 2003. This is second in the world, only beaten by India, who had 2,860,000,000 trips to the cinema! Now if you wanted to see the average cinema visits by Americans per year we would need to check the per-capita (latin for "per head") statistics. Surprisingly, we are second in this category, beaten by Iceland! Wow, Icelanders must see a lot of movies. The United States had an average of 4.804 (so about 5) trips to the cinema per person per year. Iceland had 5.1. Pretty close! The number of films the average American watches alltogether including rentals, movies at home, cinemas, and movies at friend's houses would be a nearly-impossible number to find because to put it simply, there is no way to know for sure. We can't ask someone how many movies they saw in the last year and take an average of everyone simply because almost no one would remember and it is not possible to know what movies they were watching at home that they own or how many times they have watched it in the last year. Rentals and cinema attendance are generally the only ways to know how many movies per year someone watches.
  • ask 30 people at random throughout united states on 30 random days how many movies they watched that day. Average that to get average number of movies watched per day per person. Multiply this by 365. Done.
  • I don't know about average because I'm a film nut! I tried to figure out how many movies i have seen in my lifetime & so far I'm up to 3566 films & i pretty much ran out of movies lol so I'm 33 so a little over 100 movies a year for me. If you want to check out my list here it is

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