• a root canal..there longer and painless...just boring..I want to keep my real teeth.
  • A root canal--I'd rather keep my teeth as long as possible and they have Novocaine nowadays!
  • A root canal. I had my first one earlier this year, or maybe late last year. I don't remember. But it wasn't as bad as people had told me. It wasn't bad at all in fact. I've also had all my wisdom teeth pulled and I had to have a few extra teeth pulled when I got my braces years ago. It was painful and I had dry socket a couple of times.
  • I've had a root canal, no anaesthesia, and I'd rather do that than lose the tooth. I like having a nice smile.
  • I rather pull it.I had a Root Canal gone wrong.Got an infection of the jaw,extraction when the Cap came off, and draining of my gums and it cost me alot of money.
  • Root canal. I had one a few years back and it wasn't all that, not as bad as some would say. Anyway, I don't have that many teeth, so I'd like to keep as many as I can.
  • Have the tooth removed. It's all I could afford anyway and I hate getting drilled.
  • A root canal is almost always the better choice unless the tooth is broken off too much that a crown couldn't be placed. Doesn't matter if it is in the back. Removing a bottom molar tooth, for example, will cause the uppper molar to start dropping down out of the socket. Over time it can totally drop out of the socket. Your other teeth will shift causing your bite to be off and then they will start breaking. See it happen all of the time. If you eventually lose most of your back teeth then you have to start using your front teeth to chew with and they weren't made for that. They break off from all of the biting pressure and then you end up looking like crap. Removing of back teeth can cause your jaw to close more than it should, causing TMJ pain.
  • A root canal,I dont want to lose my tooth.
  • No extraction for me if I could have my way. A tooth removed is a tooth lost forever on earth. Root canal is preferred to save the tooth if it is still possible. Thank you for giving me a choice, "doctor"? I like it!
  • I've had a tooth pulled and didn't feel a thing. Getting a tooth filled hurt SO much and if that is anything at all like a root canal I'd rather have another tooth pulled out. Besides, if they yank the same tooth on the other side, I'll be even! :)
  • pull it
  • id rather not have either

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