• As it's somewhere out there all the time it doesn't really rise anywhere first. However the International Date Line is where each day begins.
  • Dependent upon whom you ask.. You'd think it both rises and sets on their ass ;)
  • It's on a little island just to the east of New Zealand. But New Zealand is the first country to see the sun rise.
  • in a little place across 'the ditch' from us here in Australia ...its called New just of the mainland (of N.Z.) there is a small island that gets it first
  • It is a very long time since the sun rose for the first time. I think nobody remembers.
  • (smile) It doesn't rise anywhere "first". Unless you consider the time zones of the world, which were created arbitrarily in the sixteen hundreds. Since they were created by English shipping interests, it isn't surprising they begin in England. Greenwich Mean Time is now a universal reference. So, you could say that the sun rises first in England/Britain....
  • Sorry folks ...your all close but the correct answer is ...Mt.Hikurangi,New Zealand ;))It is the highest mountain range on the northeast of the island which peaks out at some 1750 meters high....and now you know.
  • doesn't the earth tilt on its axis ever so much each year. so wouldn't that mean it doesn't technically rise in one place but many depending on what time of year it is? idk i'll just take a wild guess and say New Zealand.

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