• My ex best friend tore my heart out only a couple months ago. Sorry Thought I could answer this better. OKAY negative points were NOT necessary! She is just a _______ and used me for everything I had, played on my emotions and then dumped me on my ass when she got married never to contact me again.
  • when the guy that i was very deeplyy in love with said "There is someone else; im sorry but i just don't love you" that broke my heart; so then i got a puppy! lol
  • i had my heart ripped out and stompped on 6 mos was extremely painful knowing the relationship will never be the same again.i've moved on slowly and with many tears,but,i was told long ago when one door closes another one opens....everything in your life has a will not recognize it now but in the future as you look back all the pieces of the puzzle will fit....its the pain and the tears that hold all the pieces together.
  • Janurary 26th, no details.
  • Just tonight actually. I was talking with an ex-girlfriend of mine. We've become very close friends after an extremely bitter breakup. I try not to tell her that I still get depressed sometimes over our breakup because I did once and she blew up on me, but I had been feeling particularly down today, and she said that she wanted to make me happy and see me smile. This thought went through my mind and I could just feel my heart shattering and tearing as I remembered the happy 4 year relationship we had held, and how she had ended it to be with a friend of hers that she had known longer than me in a much more... well... physical... relationship. I was upset that she would say something like that to me... especially when she, being my longest and happiest relationship while we were together, just completely shattered me and took away all of my happiness for a good six months before I could more or less get over it. Fortunately, we were speaking on a chat program instead of face to face and I was able to feign happiness.
  • August 25th, 2007. He broke my heart by giving up on us, after four years. I broke his heart a few months into the relationship, and have been a stupid, terrible person until very recently. He just finally had enough. My change came too late. Now I feel like my heart gets re-broken every day, when anything reminds me of him.
  • Every day for 3 years. My ex and I broke up in '04 and the more we tried to make things work, the worse it got. Finally last Christmas we both went our separate ways, he's engaged now, and I feel fine. We just needed to FINALLY admit that we'd never fix it. But I'd give anything to get those 3 years of my life make up for it now though living my life to the fullest and enjoying everything I do. Hopefully that was insightful to someone! My ultimate advice...when breakups happen... LEAVE IT ALONE!
  • Last month. I was in love with this guy who had a girlfrind all he kept saying was I like you so much and one day I will leave her. Well, he finally left her, only to have sex with some random girl that I know. He never even gave me a second thought. The Bastard.
  • Currently, my heart spews pain like hot lava from a volcano. That's enough detail. I cherish my pain.
  • I had it break 3 times in 2 years an I can't go over it again anytime soon.
  • A little over a month ago. My sweetheart died almost 3 years ago. At the time of her death since her twin sister was living here in Philadelphia with her the parents agreed to let her be buried here even though they lived in Connecticutt. I purchased a grave and headstone out of my own money and never asked for a dime from her family. I faithfully visited that grave every single week and special occasions like holidays birthdays etc. I brougth flowers and made sure the area was neat and tidy and well cared for. About 1 1/2 months ago her parents decided suddenly that the 2 or 3 freakin times a year they came in to visit her grave was too much of a burden for them and they decided to have her moved to a cemetery in CT close to them for what they claim was poor health of the mom. It's still breaking my heart that I can't visit as often as I used to and that they at first tried to keep the name of the cemetery secrret from mr.
  • December 28th 2006 that is all .

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