• From Loeb & Leopold to war atrocities, there were many, but I think Jim Jones and his People's Temple hold that dishonor for all the children they poisoned.
  • universal health care in europe
  • The Holocaust, maybe. That's considered a war crime, right?
  • The "Crimes" I would say deal with the dictators from Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao. The Viet Kong, apartied, the atrocities in Africa by their own people, The English brutalizing India, the Ku klux Clan (sorry my caps key doesn't work), the Neo Nazis in this country, and many, many more. There is not one single worst crime out of all this. Man's inhumanity to man always wins out. Oh yes, let's not forget the Catholics and their pedophile coverup in the priesthood. That was a real winner.
  • The answer won't be posted here. The crime of the 20th century was committed by somebody who got away with it free & clear, so much so that most people don't even know it happened.
  • WW II: Stalin's forced famine in the Ukraine prior to the war, followed by the German invasion, followed by the Soviet counter-offensive -- Ukraine lost millions of people in that series of criminal events; then the Holocaust, including extermination of Jews, Poles, Gypsies, and various other disfavored groups in Nazi-occupied Europe But not to forget the Turkish genocide against the Armenians earlier in the century, or the Cambodian killing fields of the latter half of the century, either. Those were huge exterminations of much smaller populations. But outside of war, Social Security is the "crime" that will eventually bankrupt the US.

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