• 1. Donuts are relatively inexpensive, so they can be discarded with little guilt, in case of a hot call in the middle of a snack break. 2. In many areas, the donut shop is the only place open 24 hours. 3. Donuts have sugar and carbohydrates, which allow for quick energy. Donuts, coupled with the ever present cup of coffee, help keep the officers awake and alert. 4. Donut shops are usually located in centralized areas, which can be used as a meeting place for briefings between Officers of different agencies or shifts. 5. Donuts are TASTY! Can you think of anyone who DOESN'T like donuts?
    • Supersoftball
      90% do not even eat the donuts or drink the awful coffee. In Houston Texas, Shipleys would deliver donuts and kolaches every morning to the front desks of our substations.
  • Because they taste good.
  • I think it's cause donut shops are the only ones open during their hours. I could be wrong.
  • Back, many years ago, 24 hour drive-in markets and restaurants, were non-existent. the only businesses open were the doughnut shops. Most doughnut shops gave police officers half price on everything, just to have them come in after hours, when business was slow and the police being present, made the employees feel safe. The taste for coffee and doughnuts, apparently appealed to police officers back then and the tradition is still there today. Doughnuts are fattening and so are most cops. Now, you know.
  • One thing tou gotta take into account is that cops are up 24/7. Theres never a moment of the day cops arent around, so they have to use coffee naturally as a tool to stay awake. Donuts i guess became an accessory and a stereotype
  • It used to be the only place open that had space to sit, talk, complete paperwork and not be harassed by drunk people, like in a Waffle House, Denny's or IHOP.
  • They are very naughty...?
  • Cops get off on sticking their dicks through the holes in the middle of doughnuts.
    • beaker95
      ...and the female officers of the law...?

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