• I don't think smoking pot makes you lose weight if anything you gain weight because of the munchies.If you smoke cigarettes then quit them and you will gain weight.
  • yeh i never heard of someone loosing weight when smoking weed thats weird maybe you shouldnt smoke i dont know thats weird
  • When the munchies kick in, just eat more. Not necessarily junk food, but foods with a bit more fat in them then what you would normally eat.
  • Hey, My best friend has smoked for years and has the same problem. After you smoke marijuana for a period of time the stimulant that makes you hungry become weak just as the rest of your body feels when under the influence. Because you feel tired you really are less likely to eat or eat as much.After time your body, stomache and digestive system react causing a slower digestive system and less weight gain. The best way to gain weight is to stop smoking. Try it, but remember it takes marijuana sometimes over 6 months toleave your system so the process to gain weight will take time. You can try supplements and energy powders but she tried everything under the sun to get shapely, nothing worked until she got her system and digestive system back on a regular schedule.
  • i would go see a doctor, you could have a medical problem thats making you lose weight

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