• Costello called Ray Charles a "blind, ignorant nigger" while arguing with Bonnie Bramlett in a bar. I think this was in 79 or 80, Bonnie punched him in the nose too!
    • Nosmo King
      It was 1979.
  • Elvis was doing his 1979 "Armed Forces" tour. Bonnie was touring with Steve Stills' band. They met in the bar at the hotel both bands were staying at. Elvis wanted to drink but not be bothered. Bonnie wanted to get friendly, and tried to get things started by talking about musical faves. Elvis (quite drunk) tried to blow her off by pretending to hate every musician she mentioned. "What about James Brown?" was met with "He's a jive-ass n*****." Firing her big gun, Bonnie countered with "Don't tell me you don't like Ray Charles!", to which Elvis replied, "Ray Charles is nothing but a blind, stupid n*****!" "Well," answered Bonnie, "you must have an itty-bitty dick if you feel that way." A scuffle ensued. Elvis appeared the next day with his arm in a sling and apologized, saying that his music couldn't exist without black music and explaining his motives. Ray Charles said that Elvis could call him whatever he liked "as long as he buys my record."
    • Nosmo King
      I think you should have censored the n-word, Mark. That word is not accepted in public libraries and it will activate the safesearch filters and block this page from access there.
  • Elvis Costello was drunk at the time and he made offensive racist remarks about James Brown and Ray Charles, using the n-word to describe both of those legendary singers. Bonnie Bramlett, incensed by his outrageous remarks, flared up and punched him in the face. I know the date was March 16, 1979. It was my 17th birthday. Although Costello denied actually being racist, his then current hit single "Oliver's Army" had the n-word in the lyrics.

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