• OK well i do know one cheat that gives you a random amount of kinzcash it could be tons it could be little just email me your username and password my email is
  • hello Im Debbie and my huspand owns webkinz World!! Ya its fun to have every single webkinz! Even the Duck and the moose. I have like 100 rooms in my webkinz house and the Wshop has the exclusive beds and pet of the mouth rare items for free!! so i have every single rare item made. I have a program on my computer that gives me 1000 kinzcash each day!!!!and when i go to the wishing well i always get 3 wishing wells in a row in the middle colume!!!!!! but right now my computer is acting up and not letting me go to my friend finder phone or the post office!! ya its a really big bummer!! I just want to help kids!!! If you e-mail me your username and password i will go on your acc for a week and get you 1000 kinzcash every day and a rare items every day. Me and my huspand just want to make sure kids are happy. Email me at thanks!! Debbie
  • I have a code that garantee's 100,000 kinzcash and no less maybe more sometimes then i have another code that gives you all the exclusive items there are in webkinz world if you are still interested in getting those things email me @
  • This isnt really a cheat but its pretty good.If you send worm1st somthin good like good like a bed or a exclusive item when i sent 1 to him him sent me 9 1ooo kinz cash coins.My friend did it and he got 7.But my 1 friend sent him a pizza and worm1st blocked him.
  • Hey my friends and I figued this out!!!If you send worm1st or mibrystol a good item like a exclusive or rare just something good they send you 9 1000kc coins.Most of my friends got 9 but some got 10 and 11 and 7 but 7 is still alot of kc.Also make sure you send them somethig good because my 1 friend sent them a peach and they both blocked. Remember the usernames for webkinz are worm1st and mibrystol
  • Send something to dancequeen3597 and u will recieve 10000 kinzcash beacause i tried it and it worked but u have to send them an exclusive item.
  • Email me the code at and i will do a cheat code that will give you 10,000 dollars a day!!!! You can trust me!

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