• I have fixed it with a + 6 =)
  • It was a troll. It happens to me sometimes too.
  • Yeah, that happens..+up for your troubles.
  • I got hit a number of times today for no apparent reason. It happens. There is not much point in getting upset about it. That's what trolls get off on.
  • Back up you go mother earth and I know how you feel and I am sorry you were hit with a troll. But don't you worry about a thing it does not effect your points. They go around doing it to everyone at every level. It was nothing you did or didn't just keep having some fun here and keep on keeping on!!!
  • I gave you 6 there and 5 here. That's 11 more points to help out. How could any downrate someone with such a sweet little kitty avatar.
  • Sorry to hear that Mother Earth. What is a troll?????
  • +5..counter troll
  • There are a few people here who seem to enjoy doing that for no reason, but in my experience it's normally revenge for having the temerity to express an opinion that certain little cliques disagree with. I've had a couple of occasions when I have been repeatedly down-rated for three or four days. It doesn't matter though, you can't spend the points on anything.
  • I saw your downrating for the 'pick up line' question, earlier. I only had 2 points to give, but I put you at +1 instead of -1, anyway. I cannnot explain why people feel the need to downrate, but like everyone else says, don't worry about it.
  • It's the nature of the beast, it seems. It happens on any website where you're asked to present an opinion on something. There will always be someone out there that is offended by your answer. Earlier today I got a -5 for having to nerve to say that I'd actually vote for Hillary Clinton if she were the best candidate presented to me. Quite a vanilla response, I thought, but it certainly upset someone! Fortunately, 8 others thought it was a good answer. I'm still new, but so far it seems to more than balance out. Far less trolls here than on Y!A. I can vouch for that!
  • 1) An AB troll is someone who is giving you downratings: - because they do not like your answer. Your answer is valid, however. - because they do not like you. There could be multiple reasons for this. - for no reason (seldom) I do not see any valid reason why your mentioned answer could have been downrated, so I would consider this trolling. (I am assuming that you did not modify your answer). 2) You are also reporting about a flagging. Was the question which you answered flagged or was your answer flagged? Could you please give me the reference? What kind of flag was it? Nonsense or spam / offensive? Or duplicate or wrong category (only question flags)? Very often (maybe more than necessary), flags are accepted by the staff.

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