• Ok, so this means the person I care about isn't the shark? Hmmm,,, tough one....
  • I'd probably float a baby ruth for sure. After the simultaneous girly scream and unintended bowel evacuation, I would try to get the person out of the water.
  • Ask them where they got the Lacoste sleeping bag.
  • Thank them kindly for keeping it occupied while I escaped :o) but seriously I would of course try and save them :o)
  • The brave superhero inside of me wants to say I would beat the creature off and save this person. The reality is I'd probably stare in shock as my blood turns to ice and I become immobilized with stark raving fear!
  • I'd probably freak out and scream for help, then feel totally usless later on thet I didn't do anything to help.
  • Fight to save the person I care about. Wild animals are just like us. They want an easy meal. If they bite something and start getting a fight from two creatures, they're gonna hightail it outta there.
  • G'day Snakelover, Thank you for your question. I would see if I could try to distract the animal and get them to shore. After that, I would try to get help. Regards
  • I think I would do my best to distract it so my loved one could escape it's grasp, like just beating it wearever it looked vulnerable; eyes maybe. Then I would get the loved one to shore and get help.
  • pepper spray it. Do you think that would work?
  • Freak out and get help ASAP.
  • First off, I would poo my in my bikini - bottoms. Second, I would engage in a tug - of - war with the Jaws - wannabee or say see ya later alligator and grapple my friend free from the jaws of death. Thirdly, I would strip off topless, and tie my bikini top as tight as I could around the gaping wound like a tourniquet, applying pressure to stem the blood - flow. Fourthly, I would try to frantically doggy - paddle away as fast as I could from the scene of the crime. Hope this advice helps should the worst come to the worst.
  • SHARK:i'd punch it in the gills or nose till it let go then as i was dragging myself and friend or family up to shore i'd cuss under my breath then when we got to shore i'd call the ambulance.Then as the person was being carried off in an ambulance i'd scream at the ocean as if the shark could acctually hear me
  • i would try to help them escape to the best of my ability.

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