• Actually, even Burger King charges extra if you add lettuce and tomato to a sandwich that does not normally come with them. It's the reason why a cheeseburger costs less than a whopper junior with cheese. They're the exact same cut of beef on the exact same bun, however the lettuce and tomato are the most expensive part of making any type of sandwhich. Produce is one of those things that restaraunts can't get at wholesale rates most of the time, so they end up charging extra for sandwhiches that include extra produce. It's actually the reason that McDonalds almost completely eliminated the use of tomatoes on any of there sandwiches for a long time. It was too difficult to maintain a cheap menu and put sliced tomatoes on all of there sandwhiches at the same time.
  • wait, THEY CHARGE YOU FOR IT??? learn something new everyday I guess
  • Hardees also charges extra for lettuce and tomatoe. Remember back when tomatoes were in short supply and some restaurants charged extra for them? i think this is where the extra charges came from. It began back then and has stayed for the profits.
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