• hell no!!!
  • Yes, and in Canada, it is. . How many 1st world countrys can you name where its legal to own a gun? . Just one that I can think of...
  • Nope. Because then, the only ones with guns will be the lawbreakers. That's very unsettling, IMO.
  • no, what would I do with all my guns, bullets and other assorted things. And overthrowing Canada is way too easy.
  • No, then guns would only be in the hands of outlaws who already have no regard for any law.
  • Depends on the gun and the person wielding it. I'm 35 and owned a 45 12 years ago. It was used recreationally at a target field. My husband was in the Marines for 4 years and I took classes on gun safety, just to be sure. After my children were born my husband and I decided to sell it to a reputable and legal gun dealer. I don't believe high powered riffles and weapons primarily used for war should be on the market however.
  • I think in the US the issue is split 50-50. I almost shot my eye out once so yes, I think it should not be legal. Then we can arrest everyone who has a gun.
  • No. Because then we would have no way to protect ourselves from the people who illegally acquire guns.
  • No. Marijuana and Cocain are illegal. Have been for years, yet those who choose to break the law still have it, sell it and use it. If guns were illegal, only those who choose to break that law would have them, sell them and use them. In a desperate situation of life and death a gun that you are familiar with and proficient with can make you equal to any thug. Then their is the sporting end of it. Guns are used in many sports, even in the Olympics. Guns are used on ranches and farms to control varmits and protect live stock from predators. My Mom 74 y/o carries a gun when she walks on her little farm in eastern Kentucky. They have large cats of some kind about, and bears.
  • It already is illegal unless you have a licence and licences are hardly ever issued for anything other than shotguns.
  • Why should anybody want to own a gun?
  • Its a legal right to own a gun. If you use it wisely then no big deal.
  • No. the Constitution allows citizens to bear arms. If this were not the case, only criminals and terrorists would have weapons. crime would be rampant and terrorists would have an open field day with America. We would not be able to protect ourselves or our families. Let American bear their arms, legally. We may need them in the future.
  • Yes. Then institute a 'guns for cash' policy and most guns would get turned in. Face it, criminals with guns will shoot first anyway. Honest civilians will never be able to bring themselves to shoot anyone.
  • Those countries where it's illegal are doing fine and has a much, much lower murder rate than the US (note that when I say murder, I mean all case where a human deliberately kills another human being). So I'd say yes
  • No. The Constitution gives every American the right to bear arms.
  • No way!!! It is ones right to carry a fire arm. Besides you have to have an extensive background check performed before you can even carry one which tells me if you pass, you are a law obiding citizen.
  • NOT NO BUT HELL NO! It's a pretty cavalier attitude that would cause a man (or woman) to look upon his armed neighbor and say, *I want you to disarm, and I will take whatever steps I must to disarm you* What you are going to get is police with guns arriving at his door and kicking it down, going in prepared to blast to death any who will resist the mandate of the all powerful state. To that end I will tell you up front now that when that begins to occur, violence will rise to such a level that even the most staunch anti gun NUT will wish he had one simply to help him get out of the crossfire. Do you think for one minute that if you were successful in creating a state of bloody anarchy (for the sake of your imagined peace and security) that you would not be targeted by those whom you have targeted first? I for one will not allow an anti gun position to occupy gray matter in the midst of such a war of ideals. That is to say you may certainly vote any way you wish to vote, but when your arbitrary will is thrust upon me in violent fashion (by police) then as a return of your neighborly favor, you will get your payback that you will have so flippantly earned. Think about who it is you are talking about when you suggest creating laws for everybody to live by. Some will refuse, guns by their very nature have more impact than most other things which can be regulated, you need to think it through a bit farther down the line than to suggest you can EVER get a peaceful resolution to your own cowardly fears by applying armed force (police powers) against your own neighbors. It will end very badly for you if you try it, what's not fair about a warning such as this? Except it's always been my experience that people who have stupid opinions such as universal disarmament will always find a hired gun and pay him to shoot the messenger. Good luck with that peace you want so badly.
  • No. That would create crime because people would obtain them illegally. Better to make it REALLY tough to get one.

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