• hung* for horse stealing sorry even though im bad at grammar still caught that one.
  • Who would care? Did Hillary do it? Was she there? What's that got to do with anything?
  • Isn't this nice, you joined AB about 1 hour ago, and your very first question is about Clinton's family. Here is a little news for you, Remus Rodham was Hillary Clinton's great-great uncle, and he was a famous cowboy in the Montana Territory. Now go find someone who cares about your story.
  • I received an email about this and only wondered if it was true. Does it matter at all? NO! But my gosh, I was not give an answer only nasty comments about what a stupid question is it. HANDGED...I only did copy on the question...I did not fix the grammar. I will never use this service again. You don't answer questions, you only give your stupid opinion on the question. What a total waist of internet space.
  • No as a matter of fact, I have no problem with the Clintons. I feel he did a great job and think she would too. I tried to do snoops but could not get it to work and just saw this site and decided to try it. You people are too ready to jump on somebody. I just thought it was interesting. We all have a past, we have no control over our relatives. What her past relatives did really does not matter, I just found it interesting and wondered if it was true. What is so wrong in asking? What is this site for anyway if not to ask a question? No, I don't think everything I get on an email is true...far from it. Was only wondering. Don't worry, I won't ask this site anymore questions.
  • 1) A black sheep in the family: that would be a horse of a different color! 2) "This joke had already been around the block umpteen times before Hillary Clinton's name was inserted into the variant transcribed above." "As one would expect given that it lampoons the sanitizing of family history, the joke is very popular in genealogical circles. An apolitical 1999 version posted on the Internet features language almost identical to that of the "Remus Rodham" version and probably served as a template for the latter." Source and further information:
  • The true tragedy is the response given by Hillary's camp.
  • Most of you people are idiots. The story had nothing to do with trying to tie Hillary to her uncles actions, it had everything to do with how she tried to cover it up with spin. In my opinion, this guy being her uncle may be true but I doubt the hillary camp responded in that way. If they did, it was probably as a joke. I agree with Maggie, I only stumbled across this site in an effort to validate the thing and not one of you gave an answer, just a political opinion.
  • I'm just curious why none of you rocket scientists clicked on the picture attached to the story about Remus? Which displayed this information... Lynching of Henry Smith, 1893 From R. W. Shufeldt, M.D. The Negro, A Menace to American Civilization. Boston: Richard G. Badger, The Gorham Press, 1907. 168b. "Lynching of Henry Smith in Paris, Texas, February 1, 1893. The Torture, Burning His Feet with a Red Hot Iron. Photograph by J. L. Mertins."
  • I think this is another off the target focus jobs al la swift boat and or myth created in the manner of Carl Rove propaganda
  • The whole family is criminal. It's neverending.
  • No, I am also a genealogist with about 35 years experience. I went on line this morning to check this story out. Hillary Diane Rodham was the dau. of Hugh Ellsworth Rodham and Dorothy Emma Howell. Hugh Ellsworth Rodham was the son of Hugh Simpson Rodham and Mary Bynum jarnagin. Hugh Simpson Rodham was the son of Jonathan Rodham and Isabella Simpson Bell. Jonathan Rodham was the son of Joseph Rodham and e. Scurfield. I have the families of these families, there is not a Remus Rodham in the whole bunch. I could not pull up any Remus Rodham on or FamilySearch (the Morman site). Not on any census, anywhere. Evidently, THE STORY IS A SCAM. LET'S TRY TO IDENTIFY JUDY WALLMAN, SHE ALSO DOESN'T COME UP ON THE RESEARCH SITES. SHOW US THE PICTURE. GIVE THE BIRTH DATE AND PLACE FOR REMUS RODHAM. IF SHE IS THE RESEARCHER SHE SAYS SHE IS---WHERE'S THE PROOF? A genealogist would have inserted the picture with the article.
  • I forgot to add that if Hillary's staff did answer the inqury, and I doubt they did. They did not say he was her great-great uncle, or any other member of her family. If they did anything at all, they used their sources to search the NAME Remus Rodham, and sent what they found. In no case, did they try to say the two stories were in anyway connected with her. Maybe the connection is found with Noah and his family (on the Ark). That just might be the family tie!
  • That's an amazing story about someone from Hillary's family. And, of course, her response is classic Clintonian political spin. What's even more amazing is that Al Gore also had a great-great uncle who was a horse thief and train robber. Gore's great-great uncle was named Gunther Gore, who lived in Tennessee. In an astounding coincidence, it has been reported that George W Bush, too, has a horse-thieving train-robbing great-great uncle. Bush's was named Chadsworth Bush who lived in Texas. All three relatives of current day politicians were hanged in 1889, but in different states. Reports show that all three politicians answered with an almost identical response. Oh, wait a sec! This is just too coincidental to be actually true. Let's check the facts at or Right. All three of these stories have been proven to be false in every way. No prison-breaking thief relative who was hanged in shame. No deceitfully spun political response from any of the three politicians. These stories were created, copied, and propagated by people trying to influence weak-minded fools into believing one particular politician or another is a scumbag. The author can possibly claim that the works is satire. But the story isn't funny enough.
  • Most genealogists are familiar with this story, which is an old joke. Replace the names with your own family members!!! For information, see:
  • I have to laugh -- speaking of "spin"! The repubs try to dig up anything they can. Makes me think of the generation-after-generation-after-generation scandal in the Bush family going all the way back to great-grandpa Prescott Bush with his financial support of the German Nazis on up to, more recently, Silverado Savings & Loan crook Neil Bush (remember that one) today with his involvement with Boris Berevsky, the arch-criminal who's wanted by the federal goverment of Russia for multi-million dollar embezzlement and also suspected now in possible connection with a murder, charged by the federal goverment of Brazil for money laundering, charged by the Swiss federal goverment with bank fraud and money laundering, charged by Sweden for something I can't even recall at the moment, and most recently he's now facing charges by The Netherlands which haven't been made public yet. He's even barred from the Republic of Georgia for entering that country with a phony passport while traveling their with Neil Bush on "business." And he's the prime financier behind Neil Bush's Ignite! Software business. Nice friends those Bush people keep! LOL! Berezovsky's protected and shielded by the UK (British) government and they refuse to extradite him. Understandable, he's worth about $3 billion, a lot of money in the British economy!! It makes some interesting Google research! Wonder if this Judy Wallman character has ever bothered to "research" the Bush family genealogy. There are a whole lot of crooks and plenty of corruption there for 75 years or so! LOL!
  • What a lot of crap.. I just got an email about a politician in Canada, Stephen Dion, who was hanged in 1889 for horse stealing and train robbery etc. etc.
  • You asserted it, put up or shut up.
  • No. For more info and clarifications on this rather colorful story, see: (particularly amusing in comparison) etc. Note that this is not to suggest that spin efforts such as this are not practiced at all...
  • The Remus Rodham Story SUMMARY: Email euphemistically summarizes the life and times of 'Remus Rodham,' supposedly the great-great uncle of former First Lady Hillary Clinton and a horse thief and train robber to boot. Description: Email joke Circulating since: Oct. 2000 (this version) Status: False

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