• Just God, who doesn't need a place to live in nor time to live during. Time and space were created by Him for our benefit, space so we'd have something to exist in and time so we wouldn't get confused by everything happening at once. What God uses for time and space we are not told, but apparently He has no need of them.
  • This question is a very touchy subject. The basic and ONLY TRUE answer is that nobody knows for sure. I believe that before the big bang was nothing but a tiny particle, smaller than we can possibly imagine that suddenly exploded creating the universe as we see it. Other people believe a supreme being (God) done all this, but I think he would have left some kind of proof had he actually done it. There are literally hundreds of scientific theories as to what was really there, multiverse, dimensions beyond out knowledge or contemplation ect ect. But the simple fact is (again) no one knows for sure.
  • Tom Bombadil.
  • Pretty much nothing. Or maybe another universe, in which someone in another answerbag asked if there was something before their universe.
  • Hey Norman..that's way over my head for a serious answer so i'd like to say "chocolate sauce"
  • Bubble wrap. Inside each bubble is an entire universe. The distance between the bubbles is vast and cannot be crossed as space does not exist here. Time does not exist here, at least as we define it. It flows into itself and so it does not 'pass'. There is nothing to age, nothing to occur, nothing to begin or end. If the bubbles of universes were windows and doors, then what there was before the big bang would be the wall they were in. So how did we get here? Black holes actually evaporate and we're not quite sure what happens to them or the matter they have consumed once they are gone. Cosmologists say that if you reverse the math used to explain black holes you get what's called a white hole. If a black hole devours matter and breaks it down a white hole would spit matter out. It is widely believed however that just because the math works out, that white holes almost certainly do not exist. I think that they do but they are extremely rare occurences. After all, on a grand scale considering multiple universes across a plane on nothingness (bubble wrap again) these events would be something on the scale of hundreds of trillions of years and quite possibly never occuring in the same place twice. More clearly said, I think a super massive black hole in another universe reaches out at random, like electricty would, to the nearest place it can create a new bubble creating a white whole that spews all of that matter into what will eventually become a new universe. Yes this could be considered a wormhole which it is believed the passage of matter through which would collapse the wormhole itself but who is to say how fast that would collapse would take? We are, after all, talking about a time scale within which a million years is the blink of an eye. How much matter do you think it could spit out in a million years? It isn't a theory that anyone of any reputation would stake their career on but I like it. While it may sound silly to some, it is certainly no sillier then saying an invisible supreme being snapped his fingers and here we are. Nothing can be proven as of yet so the point is: To each his own.

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