• Sure if thats what she wants to do,she is a legal consenting adult.
  • Why not?
  • Well while I cannot say what is right or wrong... I personally don't really approve of it because the 33 year old is at a different point in his life, maybe ready for children or marriage, and 18 is somewhat young for that... But to each his own.
  • Nobody can answer that but the 18 y/o and 33 y/o in question.
  • Everyone has their own standards. I see nothing wrong about that. Atypical? Sure. Immoral? Nope.
  • Right? probably not healthy for the girl, but not illegal or anything. I wonder what her father would say about it, his thoughts might be a good gauge to the appropriate nature of it all.
  • I think it is socially unacceptable. But saying that, I am an 18 year old man dating a 33 year old woman, And We connect like noone else our own age. We met and honestly I thought she would be 21 at most, and we clicked from day one. She soon found out I was 18 and told me she was 32.. It was a shock, but to be honest I dont care what number goes beside her name. She found it a bit disconerting for about 10 seconds and then saw that she had never been this open and happy with somone before. Love doesnt answer to anything. Including the age of the individuals, Clearly. Morally It is okay to date anyone you please. Society seems to look down upon some things for weird reasons unknown to me, but people who are Mentally mature for their age do not click with the opposite sex their age. They want different things.
  • well i am a 46 yr old man dating a 23 yr old girl and we are as happy as pigs in s***
  • Yeah, I think that if both are crazy about each other, and obviously the 33 year old is not ready to settle down yet. Have fun, you only live once
  • Sometimes when I hear that I think that the younger one is either looking for a mother or father they never had. When you get older is not such a big thing but at 18 I think you both are not on the same maturity level.
  • i am an 18 year old girl dateing a 33 yr old man and i dont see anything wrong with it.... we both love each other and that is all that counts.....right?
  • You never know anyone else's ideals until you walk in their shoes. I'd be more questionable of a man that wants to be with a eighteen year old. He could have a daughter that age, and I doubt that there wisdom and knowledge of life would be on a way different wave length. You don't see a 18 year old man playing in a sandbox with a four year old for fun do you? ....
  • As a matter of fact, back in the so called "Puritanical" good ole days,when a young woman's father had alot more say in who she could see, Dad would prefer an older man for his daughter. More settled down, better provider etc. There's nothing wrong with it at all. However, we're not living in the egrarian good old days anymore, where young adults grew up faster, in terms of "settling down". A young woman may become bored with an older man. He may not want to go clubbing when she's rearing to go. She'll get bored and dissatisfied. She may want children when he's thinking about retirement! Unless there's no intention of the relationship going any further than dating, you've got to keep these things in mind.
  • how could you even possibly relate to an 18 yr old....unless ur mentallity is that of an 18 yr old other then that no i cant really see it being right ,post moderen pedophile if ya ask me
  • nothing wrong with it if shes 18

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