• There are two main reasons why whales are considered mammals. First of all, whales have lungs and breath air whereas fish have gills and breath water. Second whales are warm-blooded while fish are cold-blooded.
  • Whales have mammary glands (breasts) to feed their infant young. Mammary glands are one of the defining features of mammals.
  • Whales have all the characteristics of mammals they: perform internal fertilization, produce milk for their young, breathe air, have hair (as fetuses), and are endothermic vertebrates.
  • Also they give birth to live young and nurse them.
  • chyaz: i think that fish are fish and people should just get over it Lee: whales are fish and fish are mammals this is why whales are fish.
  • because it has a mammary gland, and gives birth not lays egg, that is why it is a mammal
  • Born alive. Also has to come up for air
  • because the characteristics that they possess are much similar to that of mammals.. for more info
  • Some fish are Mammals because the have a vertabrae and are warm blooded and breathe air like the human Mammal...many fish give live birth but all mammals do so as well. Milk is produced in all mammals and require fat secreting glands that are not found in non-mammals...some of your responses in this forum are pretty hilarious....
  • It gives birth to live young, it has hair, it breathes air..

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