• From a purely speculative standpopint; it would seem to have been a mistake for both of them to go off half-cocked an try to defeat Vader. Had they been successful in such an endeavour the Emperor would still have been free to train another apprentice to become a Sith Lord. Had they not been successful, Vader and the Emperor would have been left to rule the Galaxy uncontested. When Luke leaves to help Han, Leia & Chewie in The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda responds to Obi Wan's assertion "that boy is our last hope" with " no there is another" which later we realize is Leia. It would have been tough to realize without some of the revalations that came out with the release of the prequels, but it would seem that both the Emperor and Yoda were using the Skywalkers as chess pieces for many years. The strength of youth in Anakin that was so coveted by the Emperor in the Revenge of the Sith was now in the hands of Yoda ... and he had two tries to use it with Luke & Leia.
  • He was simply too old. I believe he died in the swamp while Luke was still training. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • From a purely story/film viewpoint, it would have really messed up the mythic resonance of the Cloud City fight. That whole Freudian coming-of-age undertone where Vader does the big daddy reveal has made that one lightsaber battle one of the most memorable and evocative scenes in all of movie history; it would have really screwed up the whole ambiance and impact of the scene if a hyperactive little green puppet tagged along and made it a three-way battle. Think of the myths and legends of humanity--the Mentor never goes with the Hero for the fight with the Villain. It would just be weird. Imagine Zeus and Hercules tag-teaming the Hydra, for instance. There's also the fact that Yoda fought Sidious when Yoda was in his prime, and couldn't beat him. Yoda's chances against the Chosen One, who by that point was a fully trained and masterful Sith Lord, might not have really been that great. Basically, by that point, Yoda had already had his one-on-one battle with the Sith. It was time to hand the torch to the next generation.
  • he was old and sickly.remember,he soon died after luke completed his training.
  • because he knew that is was lukes destiny to do it himself and he was sensing the end for himself
  • Yoda had an appointment with his hairdresser. I mean really, he needs as much help as he can get!
  • Yoda didn't want Luke to go in the first place. To go with him regardless would be to kill themselves.
  • Harro thats where your Wrong Yoda Had Died of Old Age in Episode VI Return Of the Jedi

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