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  • As far as I know there is no permanent damage unlike E which depletes serotonin, shrooms just kinda mimic it by latching onto the actual serotonin I think. People said LSD caused gene damage but that was horse shit created by the government. The damage or the positive effects depending on how you look at it will be more than likely done psychologically. However, there are some long term rare effects such as flashbacks and Post Hallucinogenic Perceptual Disorder (HPPD). These are rare but do happen.
  • I don't think there are any long term effects with occasional use. But I've heard that if taken long term they can cause mental health problems or complicate existing ones.
  • In most cases, there are no long term effects. However, you can be poisoned and even die as a result of eating a bad magic mushroom -- and too much mushroom can damage your liver, which can lead to all sorts of chronic health issues. If you suffer from a bad trip (anxiety attack) you could become a danger to yourself, and cause injuries that might affect you for the rest of your life... I've heard of people jumping off buildings and running into fires -- so if you're going to try this -- try it with trusted friends who know what they're doing, and start with a *very* low dose.
  • So far... nothing.. as far as i can tell.
  • Psychedelics have been known to unearth dormant psychological disorders, and as such should not be taken by anyone with a family history of such disorders, or anyone who has been diagnosed with one or more psychological issue, as it would probably only worsen it. A flashback is not as a result of a drug, as is commonly though- this is because once the drug is gone, it is gone. None of it stays in your body hidden somewhere to pop back out and drop you back into mid-trip during work or something. A flashback is a psychological response to a traumatic experience, and happens with more experiences than drugs. The reason they are so attributed to psychedelics is because having your entire personality and take on reality stripped down and re-built from the ground up can usually be a pretty traumatic experience. A great danger with magic mushrooms is that it is very difficult to tell the safe ones from the poisonous ones. You have to know and trust your source with this or any drug. Any long term effects of a psychedelic drug are purely psychological, however, there IS evidence of psilocybin and psilocin passing through the liver (of course), however, little to no metabolism is done there, so liver damage from shrooms is probably not an issue. Happy shrooming :)
  • What are the physical/ psychological effects of "magic" mushrooms?
  • Don't worry, I have been doing them for years and I'm still the same person. I actually feel as if the mushrooms opened my mind and made me a more creative and more of a open minded person over all. I've done psilocybin mushrooms and Amanita mushrooms, and even some LSD haha. Just relax, you'll be fine people have been doing them for years. Don't listen to anyone who hasn't tried them. As always the best answers come from the people who have experienced with these marvelous hallucinogens.
  • I love Shrooms, maybe too much. There are no long term effects. The immunity even wears away after two or three days too. LOVE IT.
  • I was never an anxious person and used to feel like a solution could be found for any problem. That was, until I tried mushrooms that gave me a horrible time. The sudden depersonalization I felt gave me a panic attack. On top of that I felt like puking while the people I was with were not caring to help me because they were also affected and didn't want me to "kill their buzz." This furthered my anxiety which lasted for about 8 hours. Looking back I'm able to appreciate the 90 minute experience of colors, patterns, and perception, but I still get feelings of high anxiety whenever I think about ‘shrooms or whenever I'm in a stressful situation. I can’t tell you not to try them, because even I thought that you should try everything at least once. But if you are worried about this happening to you, I can tell you it’s not worth it.
  • if someone has a degree they will tell you anything and you will believe them over me... even though they have never taken them and i have... long term... i remember that they do exist... aka eat em :D... it is not a hallucination but a spiritual belief that is too un-mistakable to deny :D
  • not good. Don't do them too often or regularly.
  • One day of mushrooms will not hurt you. I did mushrooms everyday pretty much for 2 weeks straight once, and I am totally normal, but I do not recommend that.
  • Having done shrooms many years ago and having enjoyed them I can say that they are not for everyone and that there are certain unwritten rules to abide by when using them. Yes, for some it can make mental issues worse, which is Why you should always do them with a small group of supportive close friends. Don't do them alone unless you're experienced and only do a few at a time. ( no more than 15-20 )Don't think that you will be able to venture off to a large crowded venue like a large dance - best to stay close to home and enjoy the surroundings there. Plan to have a roller coaster ride (figurative) for about 6-8 hours where you will get high then come down and then wind up again. Your stomach will also feel upset at times but you will also feel a clarity of thought like never before. Sticking with friends is best. Don't drink too much alcohol while on shrooms because you won't feel the alcohol effect until you come down - in other words you won't get drunk but could do damage to yourself when the shrooms wear off. My experience is with about 1000 liberty caps over a semester of about 14 weeks dried and boiled in tea. If you have anger or depression issues do not even consider going near shrooms, I repeat never ever. I've seen it mess up some otherwise good people that were a little fragile. They have since been diagnosed with such things as being bipolar. Shrooms didn't cause it for some of my friends bbut it did bring it out in the open more so beware.

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