• "Stylish, Impressive, Luxurious, Vibrant, Inspired, Knockout, Radiant, Irresistible, Now!" Man, I see what you mean!! THINK ill keep out the bathroom for a while...till my craving goes away anyway...:/
  • To make up for the fact that despite manufacturers claims, the most you can hope for from any shampoo (crushed pearls or not) is a nice smell.
  • Pretty much that's why. If you choose to actually do that then thats your problem.
  • Sure. That's why Tide has Tide Pods. Just so the idiots can eat them up.
  • If you're silly enough to eat it you'd probably just get diarrhea, nausea and maybe vomiting, but it won't kill you! It'll make your mouth squeaky clean and probably the other orifice as well! It does take a bit of looking to find hair products that don't smell like food!

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