• could happen to anyone
  • No. I view it as a disease.
  • No, addiction is a disease.
  • Yes, personally. I used to be a coaine & cigs addicted. To be honest, it didnt make me a better person. I felt weakened due to the fact that at one point I was such a junkie, I couldnt go a day without some Blow. I had to get down on my hands and knees in case I dropped a few specks on the floor... I consider that a weak person. I feel a much stronger, more sorted person now.
  • It is a personality disorder, and some say a disease, but it is also a weakness, a strong person can kick an addiction alone, a weaker person may need some help.
  • I don't know about weakness but I view it as a personal issue. As a former addict, I do NOT view addiction as something a person has no control over, as a disease. I view it as something that can be changed by the addict.
  • You idiots. Addiction is weakness. Only through strength of will can you ever break free. Those who clame otherwise are reluctant to admit their own weakness.
  • It is an allergy combined with an obsession. It is a very real biomedical illness. If it was just personal weakness it would be easier for people to stop.
  • 'Addict' is a classification for people who are powerless to overcome their habbit. Addiction is a psychological or physical illness. If you can change your habbit, then you're not an addict.
  • Addiction can exert a certain power, both physical and mental, over a person, meaning that it can't be reduced down solely to a matter of personal weakness. But on the other hand, there is a certain degree of personal strength involved in overcoming an addiction, making the inverse also somewhat true, that there is a certain degree of personal weakness involved in failing to overcome an addiction. Frankly, I place those who consider addiction a "Personality Defect" in the same category as those who consider poverty or AIDS something that people bring upon themselves: To some extent, they're technically correct, but that doesn't make them any less effectively wrong, and certainly doesn't make them any less of arseholes.
  •'s more than that.
  • Yes, it's a weakness. But, I wouldn't use the word personal because to some, that might mean that the person is lacking in character, etc. I don't think that the addict meant to become addicted but for whatever reason, they did. Many people that have had trauma or abuse become addicted. Just a few thoughts -- when someone says addiction, we naturally automatically "stereotype" the person that is addicted but our image is not necessarily so. For example, many people are addicted to prescription medications. They could be your next door neighbor. You just never know. When the addiction is causing terrible problems in their life and in their families lifes, it's time to do something about it. And, that something is to put their family and themselves ahead of the addiction and get help. If they refuse to do this, it is more than a weakness -- it is total self centeredness
  • Is diabetes a personal decision to have low blood sugars?
  • Absolutely not. If someone is capable of beating a 'habit' then they are not classified as addicted. They are classified as having a habit. Period. Once addicted, you are ill, helpless, powerless. Step 1 of the 12 step program - admitting it. No more denial like people thinking they can beat it on their own. ANYWAY... If addiction is a weakness, and a strong person has a weakness then they're not strong. So that doesn't even make sense.
  • No I do not! It can be the sign of not being able to deal with issues in there life. We are not taught good living skills in general. We are none of us super heros!
  • People are not even understanding the question. If addiction is a weakness, but a strong person can kick an addiction, then the addiction is not a weakness because the person is still strong. That doesnt make sense. An addicted person can not be strong and yet weak too, so no, its not a weakness. A bad habit is a weakness;An addiction is a certifiable physical or mental disfunction or disease which upon being diagnosed as being addicted, you are either physically or mentally dependent. Anyone who knows addiction knows their ability to function normally is drastically challenged, as is their ability to use good judgement.
  • Addiction a neuro chemical state. Your difficulty factor in overcoming addiction is an interaction between a persons genetic makeup and their previous experience. Addiction involves permanent changes in brain function that last indefinitely. With nicotine it lasts for at least 20 years post quitting.
  • Sometimes yes, and I speak from personal experience. When I realized I was using "the disease of addiction" as an excuse to be a victim, I really took a good look and tried soemthign else. I am strong enough to say no to the poison of choice and have a glass of wine without thinking "Oh, Oh Oh, I'm relapsing, I'm gatewaying, wah, wah!" In fact, I enjoy my clear head days hope other addicts can to it to. "Let go of the raft; you've crossed the river already!"
  • it depends on the addiction mate
  • No, I view it as a living hell. Although to watch a person go through addiction and make a conscience decision to recover is like watching a miracle happen before your eyes. I have met some of the bravest people in my life who have struggled with addiction and have made a daily choice to live in a solution of recovery. If everyone took a look inside they would see that they are biochemically addicted to some thing or another it is just that somethings are more socially acceptable and some addictions will kill more than one person. Good question though.
  • I view it as a disease when it's somebody else that's addicted, and when it's to something like drugs or alcohol, but when it comes to myself, and thing like SI, I think of it as a personal weakness. It might be a double standard, but that's honestly how I think of it.
  • Addictions are a disturbance, in the chemistry of the brain and the body. This makes some people more likely, to become dependent on drugs and alcohol. Heck even gambling and work a holics. Some say too much sugar, in any form can trigger this.
  • I look at it as a personality type, maybe an inherent predisposition kind of weakness.
  • No, it is an illness
  • I view it as a weakness in the mind!
  • yea i lose money and motivation. im not even motivated to quit. it bugs me.

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