• 1) "Most of the sousaphones are manufactured from sheet brass, usually yellow or silver, with silver, lacquer, and gold plating options, much like many brass instruments. However, the sousaphone (uniquely) is also commonly seen manufactured from fiberglass, due to its lower cost, greater durability, and significantly lighter weight." Source: 2) "1924 King Symphony BBb Sousaphone" Weight: 22+ Ibs. "1932 King Giant, Cadet. Standard BBb & Eb Sousaphones " Weight: 30 Ibs "1963 BBb King Fiberglass Sousaphone" Weight: 18.5 Ibs. Source: 3) "Pro quality trumpets differ from each other primarily in weight, bore size (diameter of the tubing), and bell size, material and shape. Each maker makes a number of models in varying combinations (the catalogs list 17 different models of Bach, 8 Yamahas, 10 Schilkes, etc.), though many of the models would be for specialized use or for someone with unusual needs or tastes." Source: 4) "Dynasty Trumpet M2000" weight of 2 lbs. 10 oz. (1.19 kg) Source:
  • There are sousaphones that weigh as little as 15 pounds (pitched in Eb). Some of the sousaphones from the past (like a the 1920-ish Buescher I played in high school in the 1970s) weighed over 40 pounds. The average metal sousaphone (BBb) today weighs just under 20 pounds. Fiberglass isn't that much lighter.
  • it depends for trumpets fake trumpets wiegh less, trumpets that cost more wieghs more but have a better sound and less chance of braking or getting stuck.
  • Saousaphones up to 50 lb.Average brass sousaphones weigh around 30-35 pounds, while fiberglass sousaphones weigh considerably less. Trumpets weigh about 30 to 40 oz or about 2 lbs

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