• If you already tried all the usually remedies: holding, singing, going for a walk, bouncy chair, and baby swing ask your pediatrican about reflux. You can tell if your baby makes a sour face while burping or spitting up - means that whatever's coming up tastes nasty and burns. They can prescribe Zantac. All my babies had it and it really helped.
  • Babies don't cry for no reason. When they do cry its usually because they are hungry,wet,or uncomfortable. Does baby have a rash? Has baby been burped after eating. A warm bath in a quiet environment is good. Talk softly to baby and touch. Dry thoroughly, apply powder to bottom and put baby down, make sure bed is not to hot or cold, stay close and pat baby's back and continue talking quietly until he is asleep. If this doesn't work he may have a little colic. If this continues for several hours you may need to consult a pediatrician.
  • first check to make sure that he isn't hungry or dirty. He could be a early teether, maybe he has colic, or is just tired. there's several soothing techniques you can try such as rocking him to slow music, gently singing, walk around with him and point out things in a soft voice like "see the pretty chandelier" etc....sometimes they just want attention but they don't know what kind or what exactly what they want....also maybe he is constipated. there's tons of reasons why and you must determine that first before you can figure out how to soothe him. whatever you do, when you feel at your wits end and the baby is crying you can leave him in a safe place like a crib or playpen for 10 or 15 minutes while you vent. as i always say, no one ever died from crying.
  • Give him lots of love & buy a rocking chair. Maybe he just wants love & attention at that age they deserve it & also try reading & singing to him or take him out riding in the car. He might be teething or getting colic.
  • Rock him in your arms before bedtime every day & sing him a lullaby.
  • What I am about to say is not sexual or meant to be sexual. For hundreds of years, maybe thousands parents perform oral manipulation on the infant or toddler's penis or clit. It is said it will calm a fussy, cranky child down quickly.
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      Yeah, I'm not too sure about that one. I'd rather give my kid a shot of whiskey.
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      The information I gave was from research I read from the Journal of Sexual health, not from just hearsay.
  • Take him out and get him drunk. Maybe some lap dances followed by a few shots of Mr. James Daniels.
  • take him to the doctors, something might be wrong
  • go call his doctor, he might be sick

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