• It really depends on the middle school and the high school. You might be changing to or from block scheduling. You might be going into a bigger or a smaller class. Some of the main differences though, are the level of freedom and responsibility that come with entering High School. High schoolers have more freedom in choosing classes and activities, and usually more options in these areas. However, they also have more responsibilities with supplies, homework, being on time, and having good behavior. High School teachers will treat you more like an adult and expect you to be doing what you should be doing and to be getting everything done. Usually the classes are more challenging too. Many times you will also be involved in more activities in High School, so sometimes it is more stressful as far as time management goes.
  • middle school is just so strict and in high school they barely care what u do...also people are probably selling drugs there in the high school unlike middle going to high school next year(my sister and bro went there so i know basically whats goin on....) my school district is actually like one of the top districts or somewhere pretty high up and things like that still happen....
  • The age of the students.
  • Generally speaking middle school (or junior high in the old days) is grades 6-8 kids ages 11-14. High school grades 9-12 and kids 15-18. The middle schoolers think they are hot stuff lots of puberty happening and kids thinking they are all a lot more mature than they really are. They think they are dating or are trying to act like they are. In high school they have come to terms with being a teenager and are a bit more mature. They date and are actually in relationships. Girls have more drama.
  • i found no bullies in hight school like i did in middle school
  • One of the concepts for the school system is to prepare the student to act as an someone able to deal with the world upon their own thinking. To this each grade, asks a little more concentration, expects decision making, and offers more elective courses.

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