• If by higher you mean at a higher temperature, then no. The engine will produce heat anyways and all that happens by changing the temperature knob/lever is that some of the hot coolant flow that would normally go stright to the radiator is diverted to the heater core first, thus transferring heat from the engine to the passenger compartment. It has no effect on your MPG rating. Now running the fan at high speed makes the fan motor draw a little more power which will cause the alternator to put a little more load on the engine but the effect is relatively negligible; you lose far more MPG by carrying a passenger.
  • Running a car heater can, in theory, save you gas. If your vehicle is running hot (say in traffic on a hot day), then if you turn the heat on full, aim the vents out the windows, and maintain a decent speed (40+km/h) then you can cool down the engine. The better the engine runs the less fuel it uses thus you could get better fuel economy. However running the heater itself will have no visible impact on your MPG or L/100km rating.
  • i dont belive so i know if your over heating it helps cool your engine
  • No it doesn't really affect mileage noticeably just running your heater. Running your DEFROST will affect your mileage, however, in the same way your A/C will, because it causes the same compresser to kick in. & puts more of a load on the engine.

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