• Two. One to screw it in and one to screw it up.
  • Two. One tells the public that everything possible is already being done, and the other screws the new bulb into the water faucet.
  • Just one, but he has to get a hold of the lightbulb authorizeation form #344 first, fill that out and take it to the office of lighting affairs, and fill out form #135 for a temporary personal bulb changing lisense, and get it all notarized, signed in triplicate, and stamped at the main office.
  • The bureaucracy cannot change the light bulb because they don't have the "resources".
  • Bureaucrats don't screw in light bulbs. They form committees to determine the most efficient and economical way to go about it. Then they bid the job out to friends or family, and the public winds up paying an exorbitant price for a half-assed job.

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