• Not yet. A few people have suggested it, but there seems to be a general feeling that will do nothing to resolve the problems. If teenagers are getting drunk at 13 and 14, which is already illegal, putting the age up to 21 won't stop them.
  • so its not going up!!
  • I doubt it. The government would be voted out pretty quickly for it. There are lots of people who aren't happy with the smoking ban, they see it as another civil liberty being taken away. People wouldn't react kindly to the drinking age going up. Although that said, they did raise the smoking age....
  • god i hope not, iv been drinking in pubs with my family for years and later this year i will be able to do it with freinds, so no i hope not
  • Nah. It wouldn't solve anything if they did, anyway.
  • I think it's in the pipeline.
    • Kenz the Frenz
      Shall we block up that pipeline? Lol:)
  • i think its really bad that it maybe raising, as soon as i turn old enough to buy my own cigarettes it goes upto 18, now im old enough to drink, will it go to 21? hope not!!
  • Here's a full article on it. It says near the end that the government has no intention to raise the drinking age.
  • How would they be able to justify those who already drink and are 19 and 20? i do agree that something should be done, but i dont think pushing up the age shall work as those who already drink will have priveleges taken away. They should however use a system to count how much we drink. this way we will be less likely to buy other people drinks and are able to keep an eye on our drinks getting spiked.
  • It better not. That'll reduce my number of customers.

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