• I like both but I have had more fun at state/county fairs.
  • I enjoy both. At a fair, I love to go through all of the exhibits, especially the animals, and don't really go on the rides. At an amusement park, I love to go on the rides.
  • I don't like amusement parks. Very high admission prices, standing in long lines, bad food choices, rude people. Most fairs in the northeast are in the late summer or early autumn, and they are much better.
  • I Love a county fair, the animals, the exhibits, the goodies.
  • I'm a State Fair -and- Amusement Park junkie. I can't get enough of either. I love'em !!
  • I hate amusement parks. I'd rather go to the fair.
  • I'd rather go to the fair. There's more to do for people who don't like rides, you don't pay a (large) flat fee for admission, so if you just want to go around and look at the animals you don't feel like you wasted money. Plus, the food's better. I live 15 minutes from an amusement park and haven't been in six years.
  • I will take an amusement park any day. I am a roller coaster junkie. I was just in Sandusky, OH over the week end. We went to Cedar Point, America's premiere roller coaster park.
  • Find me an amusement park w/ stand after stand of greasy food on a stick and I'm a happy camper : )
  • I like both but to be honest, if I had the choice, I go to the fair.
  • Hehehe. Who said it shouldn't be done? I can do whatever I want. It's my fantasy. :-P
  • I would go to the fair. I have enjoyed them since I was a kid. I actually cried when I heard they were tearing down the Danbury Fairgrounds to build a mall. I grew up at that place, fair in the fall, stock cars races evey weekend in the summer.
  • Fairs cost more then it does to go to an amusement park. My cousin and i wanted to go to the state fair and everything so so over priced my aunt told us to just save our money and go to Michigan's adventure the next day. It was only like 25$ to get in and we packed lunch so between two ppl we only spent 50$

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