• Yes, every two weeks. It is so helpful for relaxing and getting rid of those knots under your shoulder blades.
  • I have. It was a great experience. I felt so relaxed afterwards. She was an excellent therapist.
  • Yes I have massage almost every week.
  • Nope. The only massages I've ever received were from my ex, and they weren't very only my shoulders. Even after I gave her like 100 BODY MASSAGES!!! Nope, no rubbies for me:(
  • years ago,i had a "full body massage".i dont think she was licenced was not in nevada......
  • Hav had many massages. My suggestion is don't be hesitant to let them know that they are either killing you or to pick up the pace. News therapists have a tendency to be a bit intimidated and not massage hard enough and older ones can forget how many muscles that they have developed in their hands and fingers over the years and can dig in to deep. So, let them know as it is your money and your body.
  • Yes I have, but it was over 6 months ago and I'm planning on going again soon. I just have to budget the money (it's gonna put me out just over $100), and then make an appointment.
  • one of these days I'd love to do that, when I have the money. I have had about 3-4 times a massage just of my back, neck and shoulders in one of those massage chairs. those are the problem spots with me. It may have only been 10 minute massages, but I felt great afterwards, and for a few days!
  • Yes and it's AMAZING!
  • no. I would love to.maybe someday.
  • Never, but I hope you have
  • No, but I had one from a Filipino out in Iraq. The best thing in the world after a nine-hour convoy.
  • Sadly, I have not. I would like a full session with a masseuse that has a happy ending.
  • Yes. I have studied and now teach (among other things) acupressure massage therapy.
  • Yes. But only rarely and as a treat.
  • Yes. I had one when I went to the Dominican Republic. I was nervous at first because I was told not to get one because of the medication I am on and also I really don't like to be touched, but the atmosphere was amazing... It was in a little hut that looked like it was in the middle of a rainforest and I had a wonderful time.
  • I used to get massaged each week many years ago when I was having severe back troubles. THen my husband went to school and became a licensed bodyworker of many many modalities, specializing in shiatsu and Swedish with some Thai massage thrown in. What a wonderful thing that is to have your spouse really knowing massage, not just someone who give s good rubdown, but can really help people. He also taught at the school after a few years and tutored. I was a very willing 'body' for them to work on as I got very knowledgeable to give feedback on whether they were doing it correctly or not. I also learned how to do basic Swedish and some shiatsu so I can treat him to some massage. It's like the gift that keeps on giving. I really like more energy work like Jin Shin. It's like taking a happy pill. Awesome!!!
  • All the time - my mother is a massage therapist.
  • Yes. I try to at least once a month and it's woooooonderful!
  • not a full body massage and not a treat..but I have been to a massage therapist...after I had a seizure when I was ill and really damaged some muscles in my back..It was a very painful experience (the massage)..but it seemed to help :)
  • yes, been going for 4 years. i have knotted muscles and get tension headaches all the time, i go for a deep tissue massage to work the nknots out. I go into a meditative trance when getting a masage and imagine all the negative black (tight muscles) are slowly draining out and a bright white positive charge is relaxing the muscles, the body and spirit. after i feel renewed and alive like i was set free from being inprisoned
  • most women massage therapists i have met are afraid of men. or they just plain hate men. they are so afraid of a little blood filling up a single part of the male body. they will do anything to stop it. they will wiggle your ear lobes. or they will wiggle your little toes. they think they are being clandestine. they are so stupid. they dont understand that it is a pleasurable feeling. and that it is not threatening. it is all so stupid. they would rather rape you by massaging a spot on your back above your hips. they know what they are doing. one gets an mini orgasm and makes one tired for the rest of the day. its not a great feeling. its like rape. a sexual feeling against your will. i have given up on massages. i would rather see a chirpractor and get my neck and body adjusted. its not a treat getting a massage. its a risk to life and dignity. they treat you like a piece of meat.
  • I have had it once. It is really great.

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