• if youre a fast typist, which i am, (im talkin 80-100 words per minute) i find it most effective to just start writing about whatever i think my topic is, or if i dont have one, just write anyway...the beauty is, you record everything, and you can rewrite...the biggest strength of writing is that we can edit, so just get to it
  • My biggest obstacle towards writing is that I detest it. I hate essays, reports, etc. I find the whole process so boring. The only writing I enjoy is answering questions on here lol
  • It is keeping on track, writing enough, being succinct but not terse.
  • Being a highly imaginative person who has a wide repertoire within one's personal lexicon. It's best to have a general view for what you are writing since there are a lot of different writings, ranging from essays, articles, short stories, blog posts, etc. A novelist needs to have a firm grasp of plot and character development, plus a general knowledge of how to keep the reader involved and turning pages.
  • i have two obstacles: being extremely lazy and being far to perfectionistic (although i dont know if i should see that last one as an obstacle) as for writing processes, i can tell you mine, but i have had different methods each time i wrote a new story so far, and i think they are very very personal. what works for me may not work fro you and vice versa. finding out the right method is also a very good way to learn and to grow.

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