• Body. I wouldn't want to lose all the experience and wisdom of my 90 years.
  • I pick body - the organs should last me another 60 years, which will give me time to get my mind back into shape.
  • I'll keep my mind. A 30 year old body does me no good if I'm running around with senile dementia.
  • Definitely the body. My sons are in their mid-30's and their inner growth since 30 has been visible. Watching your children through their life stages helps you to revisit yourself at whatever given age, and I'll take my aging mind over my 30 year old mind anyday!
  • I would choose the body and therefore i would be a very wise 30 year old
  • The body. Why would I give up 60 years of knowledge, experience, and understanding?
  • the body.
  • Retaining the body. So I don't have to burden my family to take care of old me here.
  • The body. Who cares if I know where I'm going as long as I can get there under my own steam?
  • Well, let's see -- having a great body but lack the smarts, or having a wistful mind but still having a tired out body? I'll take the mind, so therefore I would know instantaneously (because of background knowledge) how to take better care of 'my 90-year-old' body.
  • Hmm, if we take into account medical and technological advancements before then... The mind, it's a far more complex organ and less likely to be replaceable or fixable, I'd get my body fixed up by other means : P (You do mean the mind as in the mental health and stuff right, not memories? If you mean memories then I might take the body instead)
  • My mind provided both my mind and body remained reasonably healthy.
  • Body, picture related about the mind:
  • Ever hear the saying, 'Youth is wasted on the young.'? This was certainly made by an aging man who now knows what he should/could have done at 30. So I would choose the body and have the smarts to do another 60 years better than I did the first time.
  • I'd definitely take the body if I can keep the mind intact. If not I'll take the mind and let science keep the body alive.
  • The mind.
  • The body.. I know a 94 year old who has a very good mind, so hopefully I will. I have 40 more years to 90, at 52 I'd even take a 30 year old body now lol. It Would tac on the extra 18 years, that would be good.
  • Well, I would REALLY like to have both if they were both in good condition. But, if I had to choose at the age of 90? It would depend upon the condition of my 90 year old body. If I was in good health, with minor pain and disabilities, I would choose the mind of a 30 year old. But, if I was in pain, infirm and physically unable to be independent I would want the good body. Neither presents a good choice simply because if I chose the good mind and had an old, frail, helpless body I would be more aware of and depressed by my physical limitations. If I chose the good body and was senile, how could I appreciate the youthful agility of a 30 year old? An interesting conundrum,
  • Neither, either it's both or none - and my wife would have to come along as well or the deals off.
  • My choice: the body of a 30yr old & the experienced mind of a 90yr old.

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