• I don't mind answering the questions. I just answer a question that catches my interest or at least just to answer it.
  • I don't mind answering the questions. I just answer a question that catches my interest or at least just to answer it.
  • I don't pay attention to who asks the question until after I answer it, usually. If I like the question, I'll answer it regardless of who asks. Whether or not they acknowledge my answer doesn't matter to me. It is nice to get feedback, however, and I will remember the ones who comment to me more often.
  • I answer anyway.
  • I answer because the question is interesting or because I know about the subject not by who ask it!!!!!!!!!!
  • *shrug* I don't think it's a requirement to give out points or leave comments, but it's certainly polite. I like to answer questions that I find interesting or that I feel I have something valuable to add to the list of answers. The questioner isn't a deterrent for me, although sometimes I look for particular members' questions to answer.
  • I answer the question based on the question, not on who asked it.
  • If I give an answer I would like to know if he/she at least saw it by giving a comment or at least one point.
  • I usually just answer and move on.....I do like to answer questions from both categories that interest me and also from Abers whom I have gotten to like what they have to offer. Truthfully, while a good question, I really haven't given it much thought. I myself try to reply to the comments and award points to ones that I post, but sometimes if a day goes by, the questions move by like a conveybor belt and it is on the next one and the next one, etc. It is just sometimes difficult to keep up. Not done on purpose.
  • no offense to anyone, but this is just a website. these virtual points will never help you in life. does it really matter?
  • Hi, Ed..I think you know my feeling about that. I think it is rude not to acknowledge someone who takes the time to answer a the very least, a "thanks for your answer" would be appropriate..and a comment beyond the thank you is always nice..:) As for giving points, I think you also know that anyone who gives an answer to one of my questions that I can understand (not necessarily agree with) and is given politely, gets my maximum points..that preserves impartiality and eliminates having to "judge" the value of one answer over another, as well as not favoring one's friends over those whom you don't know! :)
  • I always max out points to all those who take the time to answer my questions unless I find something that is highly offensive which is rare. I dont comment on every answer but I do some.
  • I love to answer questions and I love to help other people. I spend quite a bit of time in areas where the person who asks usually doesn't come back to AB, as a one time user or is very low level and can't give more than one point. They usually don't even bother to give points. But I still do it because I am interested in answering their questions. Sure, I don't get points for it, but it's worth it to me. That's why I'm here. Points don't do diddly, here or any place else. They are only a marker of position, mainly useful for the actual answers themselves.
  • I don't really pay attention to identifying people with the amount of points they give.

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