• I watch for adds in the newspaper on Wednesdays and I go by what the have on sale
  • I clip coupons and buy store brands on some items but buy name brands on things like soap, toilet paper, tooth paste, frozen food, pop, etc. etc.
  • I buy store brands and have one of their cards that gives extra off when you checkout!!!!!!!!!
  • I buy sale items in bulk. example if tuna goes on sale 3 for a dollar like it did last week I may buy a couple of cases. With meat I buy from a meat market where the more you buy the less per pound you pay. The last time I bought beef I paid around 75 cent a pound and the stores were close to 3.00 a pound.
  • I volunteer at a food bank, and I may take home any of the fresh produce we get, since we just toss out leftovers that would rot before next week ... the left over canned or dry goods we can add to temporary storage ...
  • The biggest price savings I found was to: A) have a list. Know what you are going to buy. Plan meals. B) shop at least two stores. If you need chicken, buy that where it is cheapest and buy the macaroni where it is on sale as well. You'll split your bill and spend a little more time, but you'll save big. You can get the local sales papers online - no need to pick up the paper. Here is the Kroger link: the results will have the sales paper for each store. You can also find coupons on the store websites. C)Shop bulk items at a warehouse store like Costco, Sam's or BJs when they are cheaper. A lot of things are not cheaper at warehouse stores. Non-food staples like aluminium foil, cleansers, garbage bags and the like are about half price per item at warehouse stores. D) Be willing to switch brands. There are some foods where I am not brand-picky so I am more flexible to save some money. Other items, not so much (HAS to be Hunts ketchup).
  • I saw a show once where this girl clipped coupons.. She spent like couple hundred, but after the coupons the stuff only came out to a couple dollars. :D Making a list always works too, so you know exactly what you need and not just buy random stuff. We personally save money by shopping at the commissary (army grocery store), No tax, its great. :D
  • We don't have coupons in Australia I save money by not shopping so often, buying specials and store brand if I know its good. I also buy in bulk from the bulk store once every three months. everything helps.
  • I prefer to buy what's in season and bulk buying. Also buying produce from the farmer or farmers markets. I want better quality for the same or less price. I also plan ahead for several days so I know what to buy ahead of time. We also eat what's on sale. If I feel like something with beef and there is no beef on sale, we change our plans.
  • I don't save squat. U want to impress me with coupons? Here is what to do: Mail me some coupons in which all of them are 30 to 50% off final price. Otherwise I'll not be bothered with such frivolous things like 20 and 30 cents off.
  • The MVP card (by Food Lion) is my best friend. :)
  • I can't be bothered with all that I just buy what I want :o)
  • I do a little of both and do comparison shopping while I am there. I love to see how much I saved off the bill at the end of the shopping trip. I try to top my last venture... I love triple coupon days!! :-)
  • i have a fondness for day old bakery items at half price. i had to cut this out because i was getting too fat. now i really save cause i don't buy those delicious chocolate croissants at all... ha ha ha
  • Store brand. It's generally the same stuff and cheaper than using a coupon.
  • Buy what I need and not what I want Use coupons Buy certain items in bulk, like toilet paper, laundry detergent.

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