• I don't know what street value is, but, If you are caught in Possession of a fully automatic class 3 weapon without a federal permit, you could very well wind up in prison as it is a felony.Long story made short..... It just isn't worth it at any price !!
  • Agree with Vlad...try to fit it up your ass sideways, that is about what it is worth on the streets..
  • I disagree with Vlad. The Tec-9 is not a Class 3 weapon. The KG99 was the orginal full auto machine pistol that eventually became the Tec-9. KG99s as registered Class 3 machine guns are almost non-existent. Most of them have fallen apart. They are terrible guns for shooting, but make a great collector’s item. Vlad obviously doesn't know what he is talking about. The Tec-9 is a semi-automatic machine pistol and usually went for $250 'on the street,' but due to them no longer being manufactured their price has more than doubled. I have seen pre-ban Tec-9s with barrel shroud going for over $500 recently. The AB-10 version still doesn't sell for much more than $250 though.
  • about ten years in prison.

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