• I would imagine your step father. The person who raised you and helped you through your childhood. But I don't see why they both couldn't walk you down the aisle if that's what you wanted.
  • If they have both been good to you why not both walking you down the aisle one either side.
  • Thankfully i dont have that dilemma anymore, but if they had been alive it would be my step dad, he raised me from day 1 and that is his right, although i would feel slight guilt about the decision.
  • The one that she feels was her 'father' figure.
  • My niece had this dilemma and she chose to have both her dads walk her down the aisle. When asked who gives this woman to be married, however, she opted to have her step-dad and mom say "We do".
  • I think it depends on who was there for her the most, i nmy case it would be my step-dad!
  • Whichever one the bride feels had more of an effect on her life, was more of a "father figure." If she can't decide, have one on each arm :) But don't do the one that you think is "more appropriate" if it isn't the one you's your wedding day, have it the way YOU want it, not the way you think it's supposed to be!
  • If she has two arms, she can have them both walk her down the aisle assuming she has a good relationship with both. They can jointly give their approval to the marriage, along with the "mother" or "mothers".
  • Which ever one she feels closest to or the one who has been the father figure in her life...why not both if the relationship with both is good?
  • It is whoever she chooses and no one should argue with her about it. She has her reasons and no one should question them.
  • she can have both if she chooses but she may want which ever she feels more of a father figure. or to save upsetting either ask her brother to do it.
  • i am having the same dilemma. im affraid of the aftermath (my own guilt) of choosing one and not the other. my stepdad is paying for my wedding, he basically raised me. but my real father and i have recently rekindled our relationship, and it would also devastate him if he had to watch me walk down the aisle. i think the option of having them both do it is out of the question b/c each is so jealous. a very tough dilemma. enough said.
  • It depends on the relationship with each. It should always be your birth father, if possible. Stepfather could be the best man. Odd situation!
  • Choose the one who deserves it. I chose my birth father and he never showed up. My step father was happy to step up and do it.
  • If you love them both equally, You could have the stepdad walk you half way down the isle, then your biological dad, can walk you the rest of the way. If you only want one, pick the one that your heart tells you, not your guilt, (that means freinds and family members telling you what you should do). This is a special day, keep it that way. Good Luck.
  • It depends which one you are closest to and who has been the biggest influence in your life.. Just because a man is your biological father , if he has not played a part in your life he has no right to expect to take the place of the Brides Father . Do what makes you happiest without hurting too many people in the process. It is your day.
  • I would have to say the one she's closest too, the one who raised her, and the one footing the bill. I had my step father do it because I don't even have a relationship with my birth fater.
  • i have both and i had planned on having one on each side. but as i got older i realized my birth father already gave me away once, and my stepdad was the one that came in and raised me. but thats just me. you could always have both.
  • Choose the one who you are closest to. If you love your biological father but haven't spent much of your life with him, and love your step father more than ask your step father. Or vice-versa. If you love them both equally, have one on either side. By the way, unless they are good friends, don't have them sit together at the wedding. Good luck!
  • There are several right answers to this. You can choose one or the other, chosen by your heart. You can have one on each side of you. You can have one walk you halfway down, and the other the rest of the way.
  • Who was the ONE who raised her and was there for her events? If they both were and are friendly then one on either side and both walk her down the aisle. What a loving way to ser their girl off. I saw film of a wedding not long ago where bio dad walked the bride but stopped half way down the aisle and asked step-dad to join them which he did. Not a dry eye in the house! That's a hero dad and deep respect for step dad. Win-Win.
  • My cousin had that problem she let her real dad give her away at her 1st wedding . Majourity of the people there that knew her all her life Had no idea who he was I think they did it to embarrass her real dad as her step father raised her paid the wedding it was in his backyard. She married a bum 3 years later the step father gave her away he liked her 2nd husband. Stepfather didn't like the first one.
  • Both can. Or the one that was there for her.

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