• Nothing has infinite mass, since the universe is finite. Going by E = mc^2: Since c (the speed of light) isn't 0, if E = 0 then m must = 0, not infinity.
  • It has zero mass. Infact it does not even exist. It's impossible to have zero energy on the basis that the mass itself contributes and energy to the system. You could have zero thermal energy of a particle. This is where atoms would not vibrate or anything. This is defined as zero kelvin and is not achievable with current science. This temperature doesn't even exist in space. The particle would still have it's normal mass though and would not have zero overall energy. It's interesting to note that near (or as you approach) zero thermal energy you can get strange behaviours in some elements. These can be Bose-Einstein condensate or superconducting behaviour. Both or which are quite cool (condensate especially as it flows out of containers and such).
  • I have very little or no energy at all but my mass is infinitely bigger than it was a few years ago!!!!

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