• Yes. It helps if you get the terminology right, so you'll understand the explanation. The tabs are "worksheets", while the whole file is a "workbook". Basically, any formula in Excel which references a cell can refer to a cell in another worksheet. The syntax is like this: {worksheet name}!{cell address} So if I have a worksheet named "Sheet1" with the value 109 in cell A1, I can go to "Sheet2" and create the following formula in a cell: =Sheet1!A1+1 ...and the result of this formula will be 110.
  • It's difficult to be sure exactly what you mean, so just in case Stableboy's suggestion isn't what you need I'll suggest something entirely different. If you want simultaneously to put a particular value, formula or text into the same cell of a number of worksheets click on the first worksheet tab and then hold down Shift as you click on the tab of the last worksheet that you want to edit, click on the cell you want to edit and enter into it whatever it is you want the same cells in all of the selected worksheets to contain. It will be entered into that cell of all the selected worksheets. Once you've finished working with the group of worksheets right click on one of the worksheet tabs and select Ungroup Sheets. If neither of us has answered the question add a comment explaining what you want to achieve and I'm sure somebody will come up with a solution.
  • Find it from the link below which contains an useful guide on Excel Tricks Regards, Prakash

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