• I have to ask, is this for your homework?
  • listen lets look at it from the point of coordinate geometry Tow dimensional coordinats say that the system having two equations which are parallel lines have no solution The line equation goes as y=mX+c whre m = slope of the line and c= constant here slopes for the first set are -3 and 3 so so they have solution in second case its 2/3 and 5/3 so they have solution in third case' slopes are 5/8 and5/8 here comes the set of parallel lines with no solotion aor solution at infinity finally slopes are 1 and -2/7 so they meet Hence the only correct option is c it represents parallel lines meeting at infinity and the equation has no finite solution
  • Which of the following pairs of points both lie on the line whose equation is 3x-y= 2?

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