• there is this stuff you can get its called "goo gone" this is some great stuff, shouldnt be abraisive to your car, and it really works. Pop some of this around the sticker, wait a bit for it to seep in, start peeling it to get an edge up, and just keep putting more goo gone on the areas where you are peeling, and it should loosen the glue enough at a certain point when you should be able to get it off, some water and a rag might me necesary to get off the ramaining "GOO" from the sticker hope i can help :-) you can get goo-gone at most markets, hardware stores, etc.
  • Use Carb cleaner - NOT on paint.
  • Sometimes a hand-held hair dryer works, too.
  • WD40 - that works on everything
  • A single-edge razor blade and some Goo-Gone mentioned above. Once you apply the Goo-Gone, be sure to give it a few minutes to dissolve the goo, but get it off before it drys again.
  • 2-12-2017 * WD-40 * lighter fluid * paint thinner * wax remover from the auto parts store * It does not take much of any of these. It takes more patience than fluid. Put a drop on the corner where it can soak under and wait for the corner to loosen. Continue that procedure until the entire sticker comes off. If any stickum remains behind, use toilet paper moistened to gently wipe it off.
  • I don't. My husband might do if he wants to, it's his car. Lol:)

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