• I just had one downrated after I answered someones question that didn't like my answer. Guess you have the same problem with your current -1. Here's a boost of support.
  • Cruella de Vil
  • Grizzly bear. Most mountain lions are very small, sometimes as little as a large dog. Most grizzlies are over 300 pounds and QUICK! Their breath alone could take you down:-)
  • There are actually quite a few accounts of these two predators squaring off with each other, and it seems that the bear usually has the advantage when dealing with sub-adult cougars, while confrontations with mature cougars tell a different story: sometimes they end in a draw with no winners, most times with the cougar as the clear winner-----as the big bears have been known to perish from wounds sustained in these battles.
  • Oh, and for the record, the average weight for mountain lions in the areas where grizzlys occur is 160-210 pounds-----and they can push 300 lbs. or more! And grizzlys average 400 to 600lbs.
  • It all depends on the circumstances. 8 times out of ten the grizz would win mainly because of its overall size. However, given the right situation, such as a mother cougar protecting her cub or a starving lion that just made a kill and is trying to keep a bear from stealing it, the cougar could very well win. Desperation is a powerful key to survival becuase it brings out everything and makes an individual fight to the death to get what they need.
  • No offense to anyone who's given their opinion on this, but if you'd simply dig deeper you'd find eyewitness accounts support that most bouts between these two mighty creatures end with the big cat as the victor. See book called "California Grizzly".
  • Da Bears!
  • I would win this fight.
  • I will share my strategy to victory: I would shoot them both with my sniper rifle, which I use for hunting wild animals. Then I would have them skinned for their fur. The mountain lion will most likely be turned into a rug, so that I can wipe my stiletto boots when I come home from work. The grizzly bear will be turned into a long fur coat to keep me warm during winter.

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